South Sudan sees record hunger levels

South Sudan sees record hunger levels

A record number of people in South Sudan face a critical lack of food, as per a new report by the government and the UN. Some seven million people are at risk. The report released Friday says almost two million people are near starvation. The deteriorating situation is attributed to food shortages exacerbated by delayed rainfall, an economic crisis and years of strain from a conflict.

Unbiased Intent
Unbiased Intent 8 months

No, no. No more in my country please. We already have a violent gang problem in Melbourne. How about we just... Help them...IN THEIR COUNTRY. I know, a wild and crazy idea. I mean the violence couldn't possibly be culturally related, I mean it's not like they are on welfare in one the greatest nations on Earth with literally every opportunity afforded to them. No, that's crazy.

Seed 8 months

Britain's David Lammy warns of a "White Saviour Complex". I think we should ignore him and try to help starving kids (EDIT: The spelling "saviour" was intentional, but I am American, not British)

Jake Middleton
Jake Middleton 8 months

Oh no

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