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Brian of Life 4 months
If Dorsey is saying it we should be looking at alternatives.

ConcealCarryProtect 4 months
Yeah, good luck using bitcoin to make a globalist utopia. The reason it exists is to the government cant control it.
Rocky LeBlanc 4 months
Well not Bitcoin. It is a Chinese property now. Has been for some time. Just read through the recent Princeton study on Chinese Bitcoin influence. It explains a lot about the push of big corporations to adopt Bitcoin specifically. Bitcoin is over 50% owned by China now and growing due to them controlling over 74% of all Bitcoin mining on Earth. They have far more than what is necessary to centralize the supply and control the value.
ConcealCarryProtect 4 months
Shit. I didnt know that. Still wish I had some. I got into it too late in the game and missed before mining rigs became too expensive to build.
Blibberflidjibit 3 months
Got a source for those claims? I wouldn’t deny it, but I’m skeptical of the 74% assertion. Anyway, Bitcoin is still not the answer just because of the wastefulness and inefficiency of its consensus model. Better to have something like PoS or the tangle for both efficiency and security (prevent 51% attacks). Ethereum seems to be a better bet, although it’s still not perfect. But it’s got better/more useful functionality, too, since it’s Turing complete

Steven Cline 4 months
Says the CEO of a censorious corporation. Wrong Think anyone?

Curtis Miller 4 months
Dorsey is a globalist cuck and an un-American piece of shit. Glad I don’t have a Twitter and never did. If you have any will power you will close your account on him.

Rudy Concepcion 4 months
Yeah, if Jack Dorsey is interested in Bitcoin then we seriously should be moving along.

ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 4 months
Dorsey just shot bitcoin in the foot.

Ben B. 4 months
boy oh boy, a one world currency. Next thing you know they'll be integrating that into a chip you put in your hand or forehead, and you won't be able to buy or sell without it. Troubling times.
Big Nate 4 months
There are hundreds if not thousands of other cryptos out there we can use. Bitcoin is just one.

WWG1WGA 4 months
Pure evil globalist saying something means do the opposite of these 1984 scumbags

Rocky LeBlanc 4 months
Guys Bitcoin was dead years ago when mostly China (currently owns over 50% of Bitcoin in the wild and 74%+ percent of the mining) and other corporate entities began centralizing the supply using ASIC miners. ASIC miners killed Bitcoin almost immediately. This is just the symptoms of the sickness in the block chain.

Pulse Redux 4 months
Yes, because having a currency wholly controlled by China is a great idea 🤪

Nika D 4 months
If censorious whales insist on bitcoin, then it will be another coin. We don’t want these ignorant people controlling our lives any more than they already do. Also, once bitcoin becomes the standard of trade, it becomes very hard for any company to control. That’s the point.

Mitchell 4 months
Glad to see he's cleaned up a bit since the Joe Rogan show. ...I still can't stand the guy, but hey.

Observer 4 months
When you create the most socially corrosive concept in history, your opinions aren't that heartwarming to most folks, Jack.

Naidu VGA 4 months
And just yesterday someone found the best lure, a money spilling Bitcooin machine. It don't bait rats better than that.

Nuclear Jellyfish 3 months
I'm no longer supporting buttcoin

Sean Donahue 3 months
Who is Dorsey?

James Villalobos 3 months
Interesting, I wonder how this benefits Square (Jack is the founder and owner of the payment processing company)

Dilwyn Astrid 4 months
Does he really think that all the political, religious, cultural, and racial tensions in the world are going to be magically healed if we all adopt one universal currency?

Vetle Tollaksen 4 months
sounds interesting, but whether the numbers bounce around or remain more or less unchanged, does it really make a difference? will there be less computing taking place if everyone uses and treats bitcoins as Jack suggests we will? so much that you can make a "green argument", if you see what I mean? xD If we all go nuclear, there will be no problem!

Big Nate 4 months
Litecoin has faster and cheaper transactions. Bitcoin is still good though.