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Biden calls white supremacists ’terrorists,’ urges to pass George Floyd Act soon

Biden calls white supremacists ’terrorists,’ urges to pass George Floyd Act soon

President Joe Biden in his joint address to Congress said white supremacists are ’terrorists’ who posed the worst threat to the US. He then asked lawmakers to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act by next month before Floyd’s death anniversary. The bill is currently stuck at the Senate with Republicans opposing the lifting the qualified immunity cops enjoy against getting sued by victims.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 weeks

Sniffy is a mouthpiece for completely nonsensical social justice sh!t that needs to be removed from political discourse and more importantly from public education. Anyone that wants to know more about this sort of stuff should start reading here:

Martin 2 weeks

Notice how they never focus on other racial or ethnic groups ''extremism'', only white. Imagine hating your own ethnicity for people who want to destroy everything about you.

Jon 2 weeks

So let's see here. If my EngSoc to English is up to par, White Supremacist = Terrorist, Trump Voter = White Supremacist, Republican = Trump Voter, Conservative = Republican, therefore vote with The Party or they'll sick the FBI on you. Do I got that right?

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 2 weeks

Biggest térrôrîsts in the US are in congress with D's next to their names, white supremaçîsits are inconsequential in comparison to the harm democrats have done to all of america, especially the black community

Katoe 2 weeks

I've never seen a white supremist, where are they? You think Joe meant to say " All God, Gun and country loving white people are terrorist"?

MIDESSA 2 weeks

White supremacists are terrorists. Even the supremacists know that and are proud of it. Well except for the dimmer ones who think their Patriots.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 2 weeks

So are black panthers? So is BLM? What's your point? The KKK has been on the decine for years... screw geroge Floyd he didn't deserve to die but his actions led toward his own demise

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 2 weeks

Some big brain math for our tiny brain friends out there... (Usually white liberals, just so we're clear... I certainly believe they are the lowest on the totem pole making me not one of these unicorns that virtually do not exist) How many "White Supremacists" currently reside in The United States today? Ok, now grab your calculator and tell us what percentage of the population that is. Ok... Now... Tell me how many homicides are committed each year by known, convicted "white supremacist" and kkk members? Link your sources to your numbers kids. Now when that is done, explain WTH Biden is taking about. Unicorn farts and fairy dust.

Fred V
Fred V 2 weeks

I'm so confused by this intentionally confusing policy. Was George Floyd killed by a white supremacist or a bad police officer? I don't recall seeing anything in the police officers past that would lead me to believe he was a white supremacist. This is how the sneaky Democrats do this stuff. I'm not trying to protect white supremacy, but something doesn't smell right in this situation. Almost as if white supremacy is being used as a tool to perpetuate other devious plans.

Csaba 2 weeks

Anything about BLM and Antifa? Both identified as domestic terrorist hate groups who terrorized and destroyed millions of dollars of property in our cities.

Rational ific
Rational ific 2 weeks

It seems like only yesterday when I woke up to see white supremacists crash the second plane into the WTC. The Boston marathon bomber. The Orlando nightclub. Then, there's the constant wave of white supremacists crimes against people of color in Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago... Tens of thousands killed every year, and it's getting worse. When will all of these white supremacists terrorists finally be reigned in?

John W
John W 2 weeks

Ahh those pesky "white supremacists" that caused billions in damage and attack Jews and Asians. $1 billion-plus riot damage is most expensive in insurance history No wonder Jewish groups are wary of BLM’ Asian woman attacked.

O.T.Q.D 2 weeks

Is there even evidence that Chauvin's actions were fueled by racism? Or that he is a white supremecist at all? I'm honestly asking

Nunya 2 weeks

Where are these white supremacists Joe? Are they here in the room with you now? Tell us where the white supremacists touched you, Joe? I believe that you believe it, Joe. These nice men are here to help you Joe. The bad white supremacists can't hurt you in this padded room, Joe

Mister 2 weeks

Watch Joe Biden Call KKK Member and Democrat Robert Byrd a 'Friend' and 'Mentor' Katie Pavlich | Jul 03, 2020 9:00 AM PERIOD !!!

Mister 2 weeks

And what do you call an old, senile man that gropes SS Agent's wives and kisses children on the lips?

Rocky 2 weeks

Jim Crow Joe just called himself a terrorist! Is that grounds for impeachment?🤔 I ca''t get over the number of times this m0r0n sticks his foot in his own mouth. The guy that joined the party of the KKK and segregation while segregation was still a thing. The guy who says""poor kids are just as smart as white kid"" and""I do''t want my children going to school in a racial jungl"" in opposition to school integration, and""if you do''t know whether you are for me or Trump then you ai''t blac"". The same man that gave the eulogy at his buddy the grand wizard of the KK''s funeral. The guy wh''s only bill authored is the''94 crime bill responsible for separating primarily african american families apart for victimless crimes. This is the guy the nation is supposed to take white supremacists lectures from?!?

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 2 weeks

Love it how a racial slur trended on Twitter after Tim Scott’s rebuttal speech. The Democrats don’t care about racism. They’ll gladly use slurs on black republicans.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 weeks

More labels from the man with a plan called “unity”. We’re saved🤨

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 2 weeks

I'm so tired of hearing about this false narrative about white supremacists. They are an extremely small percentage of the population that occasionally round up a dozen or so mouth breathers and have a cosplay rally saying "blacks this and jews that" while being overwhelmingly counter-protested by other whites. They are a threat to nothing but their own employability. Black supremacy, on the other hand, is engrained in college entrance, hiring and promotion, and is protected by law. They openly proclaim hatred for whites and are praised for it. They beat elderly Asians and the media stays mum. Diversity now only means "less white." It is used in no other sense and every other self segregating, racially homogenous group/organization is left alone. American blacks slaughter each wholesale to the tune of over 2000 each year, but all we hear about is the handful of career criminals that essentially committed suicide by cop. And don't even get started on this cultural appropriation garbage unless you first lose the shirt, pants, shoes and move into a nonpowered mud hut. We've all appropriated science, technology, and civilization and "seen further" "standing on the shoulders of giants." A decade ago, we were at the best spot in race relations the world had ever been in the history of forever and was getting better. But the identity politics of the left is doing it's damndest to drive a wedge between all of us. I'm now told that "content of character" is a racist metric. This is how you make racists out of otherwise decent people. So stop before you push everyone to the tipping point.

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