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Innerparty 4 months
They've been courting the black vote since '64. It hasn't worked out too well for the blacks.
Hannibal 4 months
1932 actually. FDR needed the black vote to win the industrial and urban centers in his first campaign.
Daddy Tito 4 months
It’s worked great for the democrats though.

SûmFigöt 4 months
Remember when Hilary said she always kept hot sauce in her purse?

Got Truth 4 months
Dems only talking about helping blacks during election cycles, but forget about as soon as their elected.

Beck70 4 months
Nothing but a pander fest.

Miles O'Brien 3 months
Whereas the Republicans are IN court because of scandals, gerrymandering and racism against black voters.

Hannibal 3 months
I hate to say it but I think Warren being the first to promise slave reparations probably helped.