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Rasmus Lindgren 4 months
Sounds like a bad idea to me, anyone should have the right to protest the country they're in by symbolically burning a flag. Not an american so doesn't really matter to me but that sounds like a bad idea.
Booble Plus 4 months
Nah, its illegal to destroy money, the flag should have more respect than that. Plus its a fire hazard. If it means that much take it overseas.
Ben Jorgo 4 months
Look at Australia If you burn our flag your get fucked by angry aussies and then fucked over by the courts. Strong measures need to be placed to make sure that your nations flag is no defaced but people who are either leftists extremists or by disgruntled foreigners who arn’t getting everything served to them on a plate like they want.
Scott 4 months
It's not illegal to destroy money in the U.S.

Jesse McCree 4 months
I'm calling out Trump on this too. Even if it's disgusting to do so, flag burning is protected by freedom of speech. Also... And what about ceremonies that burn the flag respectfully like what the Eagle Scouts do? Would that be banned too?
HueHueo Suezo 4 months
Freedom of speech =/= freedom of expression. Read the text of the first amendment. You are allowed to say whatever or hold whatever opinion you want, but it doesn't guarantee any other form of expression besides speech and religion.
Frederic Lück 4 months
By that logic any kind of text can be censored because it isnt spoken word
rj9955hi 4 months
Flag retirements =\= Flag burning

Obvy. 4 months
I disagree, despite my disagreements with burning the American flag It is a act of expression therefore protected under the first amendment.
Otis B Driftwood 4 months
I am a free speech absolutist, as well. I hate it, but it does not infringe on me.
Avi Khait 4 months
Grow up. Free speech absolutism is a joke. There are always red lines. You won't post your or someone else's personal data, would you? How about child porn? Or shouting fire in a packed theater. Have you ever signed an NDA or served in a jury?
Exnihilo Adnihilum 4 months
Avi, many if those things directly impinge on the rights or liberties of others and therefore are not part of free speech. And for the record you CAN shout fire in a theater, you are just liable for any injuries sustained by the panic you caused.

John Doe 4 months
Burning our nation's flag is protected speech under the 1st Amendment. Natural rights are inalienable and are AFFIRMED by the Constitution, not granted by government. This is why idiots can burn the flag, while I'm cleaning my AR-15, secure in my possessions from government infringement. Rights are not abridged simply because we don't like how they're used. It is precisely because individuals wish to deny such rights that they are enshrined in the Constitution, which many, including myself, have sworn to uphold and protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Therefore, it is not only unpatriotic to suppress others' rights, for the sake of political expediency, but it is unconstitutional. Sincerely, a four-tour combat veteran.
Robert 4 months
Very well put. It is important to remember that America is worth far less (not worthless) than the ideas, morals, and ideals it is founded on.
Max Maidment 4 months
Hopefully Trump just reacted instinctively in a patriotic way, but after thought, or criticism from a large chunk of his base he changes his mind. I really hope he's not willing to die on this hill.
Otis B Driftwood 4 months
@John: you get it. Our freedoms are NOT granted to us by the government. Its power comes solely from us. Not the other way around.

LazyGamer3210 4 months
Wow this is the first time I see people disagreeing with Trump on this app.
SamSucc 4 months
lol haha good one
ManTampon 4 months
it's almost as if conservatives care about the rule of law, preserving their rights and limiting the role of government... even if it means calling out their own.
Wholly Mindless 4 months
Look harder.

Robert Talbot 4 months
As much as I admire and respect Trump as a person and president, I’m going to have to call him out on this. Freedom of Speech is the keystone to why the West is Best. It allows for unpopular and controversial opinions to be spoken in public without fear of persecution or censorship. Banning flag burning, while loathsome, ignorant and disrespectful, should not be banned. If we don’t stand for Freedom of Speech for speech we hate, then we don’t stand for it at all.

Andrew Colomy 4 months
You cant pretend to be an arbiter of free speech yet limit the speech of anti-patriotism. One of the freedoms of this country we live in (or should I say one of the few left if the Democrats have anything to say about it) is that you have the right to live here and still speak freely about your politics and disdain for this country. We were founded on the rights to express such disapproval freely. You cant have true freedom of speech while limiting one side for controversy.
jan morgan Froynes 4 months
Nobody is saying they can't have freedom of speech, have as many rallies as you want and shout till your voice is horse. Burning the flag is not free speech, it's arson. If you hate the country so much that you're willing to set it on fire, maybe look for a new one?

Leo Miggel 4 months
Bad move tbh, instead he should strengthen punishments on damage of private and state property, let the dimwitted burn the flags they buy, they are in their own right to do so, but vandalizing the streets should be punished harshly.

SimonR 4 months
Flag burning promotes more US flag sales 👍
Ryan M 4 months
Made in Korea

Beisht Kione 4 months
Nope. Sorry, Trump. No go on this one. Free speech is a natural right, even if you dont like it. That goes for you too Silicon Valley.

paddy 4 months
absolutely not, this is a travesty and goes against everything the first amendment stands for. bug tech already gets away with too much, when the government begins to ban expressions like this you should be very afraid for our future as a "democratic" nation.

James Villalobos 4 months
4D chess. 1. President says something is bad, knowing full well that such a law would never pass. 2. Liberals showcase their derangement by burning flags 3. Any remaining sane people are left scratching their heads at how the Democratic party has fallen so far. 4D chess.
ExElEmEnt 3 months
lol Trump couldn't play a regular game of chess. he's gone bankrupt so many times no US bank would loan him money. he's the guy who thinks we have invisible planes and clean coal means coal that's cleaned he can't even be corrupt without getting caught in America

Just An Opinion 4 months
Flag burning isn't speech. It's arson.
Brandon Huber 4 months
is lighting a candle arson? bootlicker
Ben Jorgo 4 months
Brandon Is burning your nations flag treason??
Wholly Mindless 4 months
We need to bring flag manufacturing back to the US and then they can burn all they want. Then we can get all those capitalism dollars. Maybe we could get some undocumented workers to do it for cheap....

jan morgan Froynes 4 months
Totally agree, you should never burn a nations flag. You can protest in other ways; burning the flag is to symbolically burn the nation, all its values and its people. I don't care if it's the US, Mexico, Somalia, Taiwan, Iraq, Germany or my own, the Norwegian flag, I find it disgusting.
Santiago Montlvo-berry 4 months
MightyMargulis 4 months
its also not only the proper way to dispose of a flag according to flag code, but its a right to do what you want with your personal property.
CoLpOeSnED 4 months
you're right, it's only symbolic so it shouldnt make a difference.

SimonR 4 months
1A come on.

Avi Khait 4 months
1. Free speech still has red lines. I suggest you don't try testing the 1A by shouting "Fire" in a packed theater, etc. 2. How arson is a form of speech. 3. Destroying the symbol of your own country is ridiculous and ambiguous. Write petitions, organize rallies, vote, etc. Or maybe look for another one.
Matthew Garner 4 months
The big thing about yelling fire in a crowded theater isn’t the speech, but that it’s a call to action. That’s what is illegal. That’s why you can be an accessory to murder without having killed someone. Also, as much as I despise the idea of flag burning, people have the right to destroy their own property if they wish. Also, if you’re not allowed to deface the American flag, that would put the flag in a protected flag above the cross itself. Would other extremely important symbols be protected this way? That would soon make free speech nothing but an illusion.
Avi Khait 4 months
The point is, there are always red lines and the Freedom of speech is not absolute.
EpochPrime 4 months
The age old 'there are other rules why not this particular rule' excuse for my particular form of censorship.

Little grim reaper 4 months
as a right leaning libertarian who supports trump on SOME issues I think Banning flag burnings goes against freedom of speech

EpochPrime 4 months
If it is your property you can do anything you want with it, asking as you don't violate someone else's rights. Stupid.
Steve 4 months
So if I own a bomb that is my property to do with what I want?
Matthew Garner 4 months
Yes it is your right to do with it what you want, so long as doing so does not infringe on other people’s rights. You can’t harm others or destroy their property, but you are welcome to destroy your own stuff as much as you want.
Bennington 4 months
Steve that is a disingenuous equivalency and you know it

Blaeingr 4 months
Justice Scalia in his concurrence with the majority opinion in Texas v. Johnson said it best... "Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing a concurrence, spelled out his reasoning succinctly. 'The hard fact is that sometimes we must make decisions we do not like. We make them because they are right, right in the sense that the law and the Constitution, as we see them, compel the result,' Kennedy said. 'And so great is our commitment to the process that, except in the rare case, we do not pause to express distaste for the result, perhaps for fear of undermining a valued principle that dictates the decision. This is one of those rare cases.'" Quote from

AY-MO 4 months
The proper way to dispose of worn flags is to burn them, so can a protester use an old flag for a protest burning.
Beisht Kione 4 months
No, they can burn brand spanking new, right out the wrapper ones. I'm not gonna stop people from being the entitled little shits, who have no idea how good they it, assholes they want to be.
MightyMargulis 4 months
yup its every Americans right to be an asshole. plus its their private property.