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Nika D 4 months
It sounds like a positive deal.
Rudy Concepcion 4 months
Yet Dems think that unless Trump throws open the borders and welcomes all immigrants with open arms and red carpets, he’s a racist because...well...Reeeee!
ExElEmEnt 4 months
it proves that the president lied about it. he claimed tarrifs would be beneficial but then just gave it away. the whole thing about immigration is just to play to his racist base. he doesn't care, he hires immigrants at his businesses and manufacturers his products outside of the US. but the right wing base are so brainwashed by xenophobia they can easily be manipulated to look the other way when the right wing gives billions of dollars to the wealthy (in tax cuts) and undoes any part of government that is good for the people
Sean Christopher 4 months
@Em ES do you think that Democrats are any different or do less damage to Latin Americans? If you think so you live in a bubble. Democrats make policies that actually destroy minorities and their communities so this is the pot calling the kettle black.

Stephen 4 months
Any deal that lowers Illegal immigration is a deal I am in favor of. If your first act in a country is breaking the law, that sets a bad precedent for your stay there.
Booble Plus 4 months
Stop calling it illegal immigration its called invasion. They do this shit in parts, they started pushing that term and next they use migrant and then next they'll use something like undocumented citizen and as they erode your description of them they disarm your ability to speak.
Colin715 4 months
@Booble Plus It’s more like they try to cover up the fact they’re illegal. So you can still call them out for that shady lingo. It only strengthens the conservative side of things.
FirstCensorshipThenJail 4 months
Keep calling the postmodernist communist speak out. Every time these activists pull the redefinition stunt or redefinition trick just call them out as anti-American authoritarian socialist communist that they are. Don't let up on the dishonesty of the newspeak and doublethink. Identify it and call it out.

Jus Saying 4 months
Shit, just read Mother Jones news article... might give Vox a run for its money.
NotACerealKiller 4 months
It doesn't seem ridiculously bad to me... however, at least their bias is clear and the organisation doesn't claim to be an unbiased source. Which can't be said for a variety of other sources.

Miles O'Brien 4 months
Someone please explain how this is a "deal"? Agreeing to talk and examine is not action.
John Curtin 4 months
How is the starting steps of progress not action?
Jester 4 months
I beg to differ