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Darth Quaint 4 months
Well, now that I know a little more of how Buttigieg thinks I'm extremely disappointed that he cowed to outrage mobs and shut down and interview with Dave Rubin. Ya missed a great opportunity to show people your brain, man.
Stephen 4 months
Just imagine it, two gay men talking reasonably about politics. Doesn't it just make your blood boil? /s If not, congratulations, you are a sane, rational human being.
Pringle Dingle 4 months
is it "cowed"? Thought it was "kowtowed" from the Chinese word

Paul C 4 months
Who knew, there is one thing I agree with Mayor Pete on! All of this rhetoric about what these candidates would do to Trump if they won is kind of weird though; shouldn't they be campaigning on how they would strengthen the country? Spending time talking about dumb shit like more investigations seems irrelevant to me.
Hannibal 4 months
In fairness, "lock her up" was a significant part of Trump's campaign, however justified the sentiment.
Jester 4 months
Because the derangement syndrome keeps growing.
The Civic Nationalist 4 months
Hillary got away with massive treason, and Comey literally invented a defense that doesn't exist; The fact that she didn't get arrested, not only after the treason, but after destroying evidence? Well it shows to the American public that there is no credible rule of law. The media manufactured a treason conspiracy theory for years, and then went for the obstruction narrative, yet smug Democrats call Fox propaganda and Republicans brainwashed. The collusion investigations, the DNC propaganda arm aka the media, and the shamelessness of the left's willingess to project, play dirty (kavanaugh,) and flat out ignore treason when a woman with a D next to her name does it, all makes a comparison between "lock her up" and the collusion conspiracy theory, laughable beyond cursory examination. Everything the left accuses others of, registers as projection to me until proven otherwise; Allinksyite tactics in action. They say Trump wont leave power peacefully, they say he'll use the instruments of power to persecute, as they subvert a duely elected president and use the DOJ as a weapon, in a way that would make Obama's treatment of Desouza and his IRS's treatment of conservatives, leave him with a blush.

John Doe 4 months
"DOJ should have nothing to do with politics.... which is why you should vote for me to instruct the DOJ to prosecute my political opponent." - Pete Buttigieg

NotACerealKiller 4 months
Well, illegally persecuting any individual for political gain, be it slander or baseless accusations, is none the less a crime. Therefore the DOJ should have some agency in regards to what politcians can or cannot demand, especially in the case of private and potentially sensitive information. I'm not talking about Trump here. This should apply to everyone, as otherwise politcians would be immune to laws that typical people can be held accountable for, such as releasing or demanding the release of private information.
Blaeingr 4 months
For the President to order prosecution against a political adversary or adversaries could be illegal. However, a court would likely toss the case based on bias from the Executive. This is, in part, why any public official calling any one accused of a crime a criminal is problematic.

Jacob Barron 4 months
if 2 years of investigation can't prove trump is guilty let's prosecute him anyway. did I mention I want to be the leader on a country.

Andrew Colomy 4 months
That's the problem, Buttplug! This WHOLE THING is politically motivated. The mere fact that the Democrats are bending over backwards just to remove all obstructions preventing them from removing a duly elected president as well as trying to remove the reason he won, it utterly reeks of political butthurt. They never want a guy like Trump to ever win again, not because hes hurting us, but because he's utterly DEVASTATING the deep state under his reign. Hes foiling all their dirty plans and they want him gone ASAP.

ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 4 months
If the DOJ should have nothing to do with politics what do they keep wanting to weaponize it?

Ben B. 4 months
I can agree with Alfred E. Neuman on this point

Blank Stairs 4 months
"Swalwell: "I'll be bold without the bull (but my preppy accent is dumb so it sounds like 'bold-both times)!" .............. ....... Everyone: "Huh?" Mayor Pete: "Department of Justice has nothing to do with Justice!" Everyone: "These people are some morons!"

pengersic 1 4 months
Should it not go, "Prosecution should have nothing to do with politics"?

Adam Marceau 3 months
from the guy defending the political weaponization of almost every branch under the previous president that is kind of rich