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Danny 2 months
After the YT "far-right" article its a wonder anyone can take NYT seriously
Nuclear Jellyfish 2 months
they don't. it's far left activist rag

Nuclear Jellyfish 2 months
reminds me of Hillarys big campaign speech about Going to war with Russia. Wasn't a winner.

Avi Khait 2 months
Idiots. Because of their radicalism, they are ready to give Russia a perfect excuse to attack the US.
Seed 2 months
If you read past the headlines, the story is a lot more sophisticated than that. Read the original NYT article:

Russ Kurtell 2 months
Enemy of the People.

Kenguru Safari 2 months
Just reading the headlines. Priceless

Booble Plus 2 months
So what happens when a newspaper starts actively running black propaganda against its own country of origin? We're about to find out, heres hoping the US military get to handle this one.