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Biden holds rally in Georgia to mark 100 days of his presidency

Biden holds rally in Georgia to mark 100 days of his presidency

President Joe Biden held a rally in Duluth, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia to mark the 100th day of his office. Addressing a drive-in crowd, Biden spoke about his administration’s accomplishments, including vaccinating more than 200 million Americans. Biden said without the Georgian’s vote in favor of the Democrats in the Senate runoffs, his $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan would not have passed.

Remy 2 weeks

Anyone see that Western Journal article there? Most popular president ever, right? That must be why nobody attends his events or watches his speeches. Also explains why his YouTube views are HEAVILY "disliked" in comparison with the "likes" (even with YouTube's left-leaning policies). Makes sense to me!! /s

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 1 weeks

200m people vaccinated in 100 days? That's very impressive. I mean he wouldn't be taking credit for a plan that was already in full swing by the time he took office, would be? Because that would be dishonest.

Jon 2 weeks

Hard left? Lol. How so?

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 2 weeks

Finally, I have been waiting for "badakathcare" to be implemented. This is it people. No longer will we be forgotten. We need to take care of "truaninonashufodopressure" once and for all.

Shono 1 weeks

How many paid bidies will show uo?

Micah 1 weeks

It’s so sad watching turmoil and cry over Biden still. Go get jobs you lazy bums and stop living off my welfare. I didn’t get my doctorates so you could live off my taxes.

Rocket 1 weeks

Let me guess, the CORRUPT CLOWN who allegedly had over 80 million "votes" garnered a crowd of 100 "rabid supporters?!" If so, this would be a record turnout for QUID PRO JOE🤡💩 and the HO🤡💩, who had an average turnout of 2-3 dozen folks when they came out of the basement to campaign prior to the last election! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Speaking of Georgia, most Americans who KNOW there was WIDESPREAD ELECTION FRAUD in 2020 are looking forward to the results f'om Arizona's Forensic Audits of the Ballots and Electronic Voting machines. Georgia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, etc... will follow. ...and the dominos will continue to fall on the CORRUPT DEMOCRAP SCUMBAGS! 😉

Micah 1 weeks

So funny watching trump supporters cry over Biden still. Get a life, get a job, stop living off my tax money. Stop being lazy.

JoeSchmo 1 weeks

$20 says slow joe gets an escalator installed on AF1

TheMadDane 1 weeks

Did he get in trouble for losing his mask?

chris 2 weeks

Peanut, meet peanut farmer.

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