Netanyahu’s wife admits misusing public funds

Netanyahu’s wife admits misusing public funds

Wife of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has admitted to misuse of state funds and will have to pay $15,000. Sara Netanyahu was accused of spending $99,300 on outside catering while falsely declaring there were no cooks available at the PM’s residence. She was charged with fraud and breach of trust last year. She will have a criminal record though the charges she faced were reduced.

jan morgan Froynes
jan morgan Froynes 7 months

I like Israel, but corruption is corruption and should be penalized.

Based Haole
Based Haole 7 months

fines are pricetags for rich people...oh you broke the law well for the low low price of 250k you can stay out of prison...

Bob Of Cheesecake
Bob Of Cheesecake 7 months

Only 15 g for misusing 50 g? She got off easy. Love Israel, like Bibi, but you break the law, you pay for it.

MT144 7 months

a jew stealing money from another jew? strage times indeed...

daddymoon666 7 months

pigs will be pigs... fu#$ing swine...

Plumer 7 months

Looks like she would still have a decent looking butthole despite her age though.

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