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TakeThePill 4 months
... Okay? That's reasonable. Nobody wants to hear you hacking your ass off. Take it somewhere else.
Oliver Biscuit 4 months
Can't say I blame Trump. He just did what everyone else wishes they could say and tell a sick person to gtfo.
Zachary Brooks 4 months
Apparently he also said Please. The gall!!
Akira Kevin 4 months
This is news because cognitively feminine people run the media. Yes, I know who runs the media, and you can search for yourself on the stereotype of "those people's" men being feminine. it's a thing. Only a (classical) woman would see a story in this.

Jesse McCree 4 months
In other news, a squirrel just ate his nuts. More at 11.

Randy Souse-Git 4 months
I'm sure that's never happened before in the history of pretaped interviews ever.🙄 Stephanopoulos "leaking" that is almost as pathetic as other outlets running with it.
Daddy Tito 4 months
Hahaha. It seems that “leak” and “doctor” are next on the list of words they want to strip all meaning from.

Zak Thompson 4 months
They can't beat him with facts and logic so they resort to silly little things like insulting his hair, his complexion, and asking a guy coughing to leave the room.
yuckycrumpet 4 months
Yeh kinda stooping to his level huh.
(Un)Fortunate Son 4 months
Yucky, your argument is that they can’t prove themselves better. Thanks for admitting it.
Daddy Tito 4 months
I voted for him cause he stoops to your level. Rewarding to see you all throwing a collective fit at the taste of what has been your own medicine for the past oh Idk... 60 years?

Watheverable GRAMPS 4 months

Mitchell 4 months
GASP, I knew it! Trump is finally exposed as a health supremacist!

Jon Gosselin 4 months
Is this... news?

Paul C 4 months
We need to get to the bottom of this! Were there any bathroom breaks? Did anyone yawn at any point? What role did the Russians play in this interaction?

MGTOW Man 4 months
Actually, coughing in western society could signal disagreement, and since the press pick apart everything Trump says or does, Trump was correct in asking him to leave.

Dave 4 months
Daddy Tito 4 months

An Inappropriate Name 4 months
Mmmm. Finally. The truth we've all been looking for.

the terrible rabbit of death 4 months
HOW! HOW? it THIS news???

Mike Clark 4 months
He also has two scoops of ice cream

david dindu 4 months

Captain Obvious 4 months
This feels more like a tweet from a high school girl than news that should be covered

Big Nate 4 months
Omg this is so terrible. How bigoted of him to say that! (Sarcasm)

consistency 4 months
I love that his meltdowns are more pronounced as time goes on. and he has to be nice to his remaining staff, no qualified good candidates will work for him going forward.
Rational ific 4 months
"We are filming an interview. If you have to continue coughing, could you leave the room?" = MELTDOWN
consistency 4 months
unhinged, sorry.

T.N. Morgan 4 months
What a monster. He is literally Hitler. LITERALLY!!! 🤡

Jillian Myerly 4 months
I can understand not wanting someone coughing near you, but from what I've seen of the footage, you could barely hear it... I mean no offense, but it seems a little extreme to tell someone they can't cough during an interview. It's not the easiest or most painless bodily function to suppress.

Plumer 4 months
More desperate and pathetic Trump bashing.