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David Giarratana 3 months
"Statistically, it's almost certain" Uh... No, it's not.

Anubis 3 months
Dude, I don't give a shit where you put your dick...what are your policies? All this guy does is run around telling people he's gay....WHO CARES!

John Doe 3 months
How and why is this considered news?

Jake Middleton 3 months
Barrack and Mitchell Obama?
Atros Veritas 3 months
He said excellent presidents, not subpar.
Jake Middleton 3 months
Subparharan lol

me notyu 3 months
1-3% gay population at current rates but there is no reason to belive this has been a historical constant. near as we can tell, the idea that people are born gay is purely fanciful and the best explanations for homosexuality are a factor of reactions to upbringing as opposed to genetics for which we can find no link. either way, with 44 presidents at the most optimistic we have a good chance of 1 president being gay, but on the low end not necessarily, and all of this precludes the probability that all people are merely sexual and their preferences are purely psychological and varying degrees of fluidity, thus all of the presidents could have been gay and straight.
Whicker 3 months
Even if we did have a gay president it doesn't mean it was one of the good ones

Rhokanth 3 months
Didn't some guy admit to having oral sex with Obama?
ffcSquall 3 months
There was a guy that said so, but I don't remember anything that could have proved he was telling the truth.

RedPilled 3 months

Vetle Tollaksen 3 months
I want to hear him talk. I am myself a flamboyantly homophobic guy, who despises homosexuality, but hey: Michelle Obama has a penis ;D

Miles O'Brien 3 months
LOL. I'm watching right wing fanatics heads explode.
me notyu 3 months
Lowlife 3 months
This has long been a rumor I can’t recall which one though
Lowlife 3 months
I think it was James Buchanan

Maesterfully 3 months
Is no one else going to comment on his surname...?
Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
Buttgig is a very serious name, no jokes allowed.
Maesterfully 3 months
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