MIT’s new robot can feel an object just by seeing it

MIT’s new robot can feel an object just by seeing it

Researchers at MIT have developed a new system that could equip robots with the ability to link multiple senses. The system involves a predictive AI that’s able to learn how to see using its ’sense’ of touch, and vice versa. The team used a robot arm and touched 200 household objects 12,000 times, recording the visual and tactile data, thus creating a data set of 3 million visual-tactile images.

Anubis 7 months

"Hello Chris, I can now see and feel the job I am taking from you. Please enjoy your obsolescence...."

Pj Sina
Pj Sina 7 months

I believe that robots will help us a lot, until they have rights, than they will dominate us till they they kill themselves, and maybe us.

Vetle Tollaksen
Vetle Tollaksen 7 months

by touch sounds necessary for a robot physician. and a robot carpenter needs to pay attention to the hammer strokes, just like a robot engineer needs to make sure the bridge doesn't fall down. robots have a lot of tough work in front of them, but who honestly cares?

Seth Canoy
Seth Canoy 7 months

Image of the beast

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