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david dindu 4 weeks
50% tariffs until china pays for our southern wall?
michael zubas 4 weeks
George Washington did 50%

Hannibal 4 weeks
Keep it up Trump. If the lobbyists are panicking that means your strategy is working. All these companies are reliant upon outsourcing to pad their corporate balance sheets. Let the FIRE econony flicker out

SûmFigöt 4 weeks
The Negotiator in Chief.

consistency 3 weeks
I bet Xi was already tired of listening to about how he had the largest inauguration crowd in history and that he beat Hillary and that the popular vote was tainted by 11 million immigrants. hahahaha. ramblings of syphilitic dementia.
..... 3 weeks
Xi dumbass

Gunter-c137 4 weeks
Citizens message to corporations, "you don't fucking own us!"

SimonR 4 weeks