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Mitchell 1 months
He's not one of the smartest guys in the world for nothin.

VaasDC 1 months

Eric Fossum 1 months
Kudos! It’s funny O.J. Simpson can get a Twitter account but when ever I tried they called me a Russian bot.

flinx101 1 months
good for him Twitter is trash anyway

Gaz Matic 1 months
Twitter was a mistake. It’s a rage fest of low IQ nonsense

ManTampon 1 months
Twitter: the festering anus of the internet Reddit: the internet's largest "progressive" circle-jerk
Von Mueller 1 months
lol Reddit is better than a lot of other places
ManTampon 1 months
go and read r/politics or r/worldnews submission headlines and comment sections.. it's embarrassing.
Von Mueller 4 weeks
didn't say it was all good, but I still find it enjoyable.

Omnom 1 months
But we need Twitter! It rewards sheep people and psychopaths for being outraged. It's a cradle for mob mentality where truth means nothing and image means everything. How can Elon seriously turn his back on this culture?

Sir Dragon 1 months
except that's just one of his usual Twitter jokes

ReWired Ramen 1 months
Too bad he couldn’t just delete all the Twitter accounts...

michael zubas 1 months
He's a Brilliant

Vetle Tollaksen 1 months
good for him!

Plumer 1 months
What a weird prick.

Seed 1 months
So did he delete it or not? I am confused - the articles do not seem to line up perfectly with the Newsvoice headline in their conclusions

..... 1 months
He should create his own anonymous free speech platform for the world!!!!

Max Maidment 1 months
Next Trump should leave twitter

Barny Fraggles 1 months
Has he ever taken a wrong step? Besides dating Amber Heard.

Tin Ego 1 months
I did it first

Naidu VGA 1 months
Red Commies are heavy handed in S.E.A. Daddy Warbucks may be the answer to that threat. But his Sneaky Pete buddy is seriously threatening war in the mid east. Anyone got any ideas ?