SCOTUS rejects appellate court ruling on lesbian wedding cake dispute

SCOTUS rejects appellate court ruling on lesbian wedding cake dispute

The Supreme Court of the United States scrapped a lower court ruling against the owners of a bakery who refused to decorate a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, bouncing the Oregon case back to the state’s court system. This decision was based on an earlier SCOTUS ruling in a similar case fr Colorado, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which found in favor of the bakers.

David Giarratana
David Giarratana
David O'Doherty
David O'Doherty 8 months

Cowards and degenerates have been allowed to take control of the courts. Absolutely ridiculous that this was ever an issue. Make your own dyke cake.

Kurt 8 months

Do lesbians not know how to make cakes?

Monster Mash
Monster Mash 8 months

the gaymafia at it again, go somewhere else for your product, if a business doesn't want to provide a certain item take your money elsewhere. shame is I know so many reasonable gay people who just want to get on with living Thier lives. but they're is always a few bad apples who have to make the entire group look bad.

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 8 months

haha, this case will be dismissed

William “Bill” Murray
William “Bill” Murray 8 months

This seems to be another failure of people to apply the concept of "vote with your dollar". Had the couple gone elsewhere, they would've had their cake in a timely manner without having to disrupt either their lives or the baker's.

MoralKombat 8 months

Because apparently we now live in a country where "protected classes" of people would sooner have the government force someone to do business with them rather than simply take their business to someone who wants it. Equality was a pretense...

Dragos 8 months

LGBT people should stand down. If you want rights, you got the civil rights. That's enough. Marriage and adoption is just for couples made of a man and a woman. Stop harrasing NORMAL people!

Property 8 months

the issue is they just had a case and ruled the other way. they have already set a precedent saying the other direction. This is the issue, we have fucking courts with an over 80% overturn rate. You should be disbarred for that.

Steven Arkin
Steven Arkin 8 months

Is that the only god damn wedding cake maker in the area??? You can’t force someone to serve someone else that’s called slavery. (Money or not)

Dean! 8 months

Yes bakers don’t need to participate in your faggotry. People have had e fucking nuff. Marriage is a religious term, defined as a union before GOD of a man and woman.

Sushi Kitten
Sushi Kitten 8 months

Just. Stop. Already.

Got Truth
Got Truth 8 months

If YouTube, Twitter and Facebook can refuse service as private companies, than any other business can refuse service to anyone for any reason, even without explanation. Again, just like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. With social media open discrimination is fare game.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 8 months

first signs of a biased court.

Seekster 8 months

Glad to see the freedom of religion is still a thing in this country. Good on the Supreme Court.

Lance 8 months

if one baker won't do your cake, find one that will. Its not that fucking hard

Gabriel Serban
Gabriel Serban 8 months

The right: Go bake your own cake you lesbians, people should not be forced to provide services if it's against their morals! Also the right: OMG social networks, YouTube, PayPal, banking services should be forced to provide services, I don't care if it's against their morals! You can argue with me that it's somehow different. Or you can just agree that refusing services based on grup characteristics is a slippery slope. A slope on which the right is going to get hurt more often.

Mitchell 8 months

Pretty sure the Colorado cake case had the couple searching for a bakery that would deny them specifically so they could find someone to sue.

Bodhi star
Bodhi star 8 months

Our Supreme Court is in a miserable state. they should have to publicly explain why they made this decision, if they did they’d be educated on logic and fact

Aaron W
Aaron W 8 months

There should be a counter suit for harassment. It not like they were the only bakery around. They were deliberately targeted.

Lucifer Neverchanges
Lucifer Neverchanges 8 months

If I was the judge I would deem it a waste of my time and put it in the trash bin.

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