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David O'Doherty 2 months
Cowards and degenerates have been allowed to take control of the courts. Absolutely ridiculous that this was ever an issue. Make your own dyke cake.
Bodhi star 2 months
Aren’t degenerates the ones who get triggered by people getting treated equally. I’d say they should sit down, and grow a brain.
ConcealCarryProtect 2 months
Bhodi, I know your new here, and that's fine, but you will find people here dont call for SJW bullshit. This is not equality. Its religious freedom.
Bodhi star 2 months
In America the church is separated from the state it’s not about religious freedom if you’re trying to use some dusty ass book to defend bigoted views

Kurt 2 months
Do lesbians not know how to make cakes?
ConcealCarryProtect 2 months
They avoid kitchens as a rule.
Alex Edwards 2 months
That’s not the issue. Nobody wants to make their own wedding cake. That’d be ridiculous, it’s a wedding, you buy a fancy cake because it’s a fancy occasion. The issue is that they want to force a business to conduct business with them, which is just as evil as a business forcing a customer to do business with them
Daniel McEwen 2 months
Depends on the cake. There are also other bakeries in town.

Monster Mash 2 months
the gaymafia at it again, go somewhere else for your product, if a business doesn't want to provide a certain item take your money elsewhere. shame is I know so many reasonable gay people who just want to get on with living Thier lives. but they're is always a few bad apples who have to make the entire group look bad.
justjake 2 months
right while at the same time they champion YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook for censoring conservatives.
cledge fenrir 2 months
Jake that is an apples to oranges argument. 1.If the bakery denied you, you have plenty of other options bakeries to go to; yes it maybe an inconvenience but still options. Where as with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter what is your alternative, Gab? 2.The bakery sound privately owned but, are told they can't make their own decisions because the company service the public. With the social media site they're posting site trying to be come publishing sites that are publicly own; and some people defend them saying that those companies can make private decisions even though they service the public

Roamer MGTOW 2 months
haha, this case will be dismissed
Test Steam 2 months
At what expense to the bakers? Not just money but stress, doxing etc.
Roamer MGTOW 2 months
countersuing could work as well.

William “Bill” Murray 2 months
This seems to be another failure of people to apply the concept of "vote with your dollar". Had the couple gone elsewhere, they would've had their cake in a timely manner without having to disrupt either their lives or the baker's.
Roman Mikhaylov 2 months
This! I don't really agree with providers being virtue signalers (be it a bakery or a social media) but I think free market and our wallet is the best weapon we have against this. That couple should just have found another bakery and give it good publicity and thus more customers.
Crullerbelle 2 months
Except it's not about the cake. It's about the potential money and virtue signalling. Walking down the street to the next bakery makes too much damn sense.
AY-MO mk2 2 months

Mike Oliver 2 months
Because apparently we now live in a country where "protected classes" of people would sooner have the government force someone to do business with them rather than simply take their business to someone who wants it. Equality was a pretense...
Dean! 2 months
It’s insane isn’t it.
Cary Brown 2 months
They're on a mission to harass people, the 'customers' deliberately choose bakers who they want to persecute. It's mean and the people are mentally ill with the zealotry of having to prove their point and try to force the whole world to agree with them. Something they'll never achieve.
Phil Scott 2 months
The equality of treating everyone the same, you mean?

Dragos 2 months
LGBT people should stand down. If you want rights, you got the civil rights. That's enough. Marriage and adoption is just for couples made of a man and a woman. Stop harrasing NORMAL people!
Garrett Ryan 2 months
No such thing as NORMAL PEOPLE.
Dragos 2 months
True. There is no such thing as normal people, but morality still exists, my friend.
Watheverable GRAMPS 2 months
@Garreth you're alive because there are normal people.

Property 2 months
the issue is they just had a case and ruled the other way. they have already set a precedent saying the other direction. This is the issue, we have fucking courts with an over 80% overturn rate. You should be disbarred for that.
Dr. Ötker 2 months
More like 80% 'Justice Served' rate at the moment. Bad Court decisions (and in cases like these where evidence is feelings based, more than facts based) must be overturned.
OttersGonnaOtt 2 months
Precedent is not almighty and binding. What matters is *repeat* precedent by multiple judges or juries, signaling that the public has found an axiomatic ruling for all similar cases.
Property 2 months
no it's not, but laws are and when the court rules that this is what the law says then the lower courts should follow

Steven Arkin 2 months
Is that the only god damn wedding cake maker in the area??? You can’t force someone to serve someone else that’s called slavery. (Money or not)
Hannibal 2 months
You can when "reasonable accommodation" doctrine was weaponized over and above the First Amendment.

Dean! 2 months
Yes bakers don’t need to participate in your faggotry. People have had e fucking nuff. Marriage is a religious term, defined as a union before GOD of a man and woman.
AY-MO 2 months
Which God
ElKobolte 2 months
incorrect. that's maybe the case in lchristianity, but marriage is much older and was practiced in every culture. childishly clayming that your version is the only real version is absurd. i get, that you don't want them to marry in your club and i think that's not a problem, but treat people like second class citicens is just fucked up bigitry
AY-MO mk2 2 months
Oh Dean youve triggered the arseholes with your normalcy lol

Sushi Kitten 2 months
Just. Stop. Already.

Got Truth 2 months
If YouTube, Twitter and Facebook can refuse service as private companies, than any other business can refuse service to anyone for any reason, even without explanation. Again, just like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. With social media open discrimination is fare game.
Aaron W 2 months
Not quite, there are always other bakers as an option, but not with platforms.
Adam Goodenough 2 months
Not if the cause for discrimination is based on a protected class of person.
AY-MO mk2 2 months
Youre making too much sense. Expect a visit from the feeb

Christopher Stone 2 months
Glad to see the freedom of religion is still a thing in this country. Good on the Supreme Court.

Mod Okay 2 months
first signs of a biased court.
Miles O'Brien 2 months
@Mod: Funny. It's supposed to be a court stacked by Trump to back the political and social conservative base. You can't have it both ways, dude.
Mod Okay 2 months
You just made my whole point on hows its biased. Because its stacked with conservatives they didnt make a decision on the case. I want supreme justice term limits. The courts shouldn't be politicized.
Dragon's Roar 2 months
no he just showed you can't win with you people, of they refuse to make a decision that its a biased conservative stacked court if they do rule and rule on anything but you agree on, its a biased conservative stacked court.

Lance 2 months
if one baker won't do your cake, find one that will. Its not that fucking hard
AY-MO mk2 2 months
Yup its that simple
Watcher 2 months
I got married at the start of the year, we had to go to 5 bakers just to get one that would do as we asked. One baker even said no because we are bigoted Christians. We just went and found another one, who then used our cake for a show piece, and is on the national scale with it now.

Gabriel Serban 2 months
The right: Go bake your own cake you lesbians, people should not be forced to provide services if it's against their morals! Also the right: OMG social networks, YouTube, PayPal, banking services should be forced to provide services, I don't care if it's against their morals! You can argue with me that it's somehow different. Or you can just agree that refusing services based on grup characteristics is a slippery slope. A slope on which the right is going to get hurt more often.
Mitchell 2 months
There are others bakeries, but there's only one YouTube. How's that? c:
Duane Allen 2 months
As I see it, the difference is the use of the government. Can you provide cases of YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, ... being sued for deleting someone's video, post, tweet, ...? The similarities of cake baking and hosting content on the internet are few and far between. The biggest difference being the cake is "published" as opposed to a generic cake that you the buyer can write on. I have not seen reports of not selling cakes to LQBTQ... only not making a wedding cake with a LGBTQ... theme.
Daddy Tito 2 months
The left: private companies don’t have to HOST opinions they disagree with as long as I don’t agree with them Also the left: private companies MUST EXPRESS opinions they disagree with as long as I agree with them You can come into a bakery and talk about being gay all you want. If they don’t serve you for it that’s discrimination. If they demand the baker write something the baker disagrees with that is oppression. Pretty simple.

Mitchell 2 months
Pretty sure the Colorado cake case had the couple searching for a bakery that would deny them specifically so they could find someone to sue.
blah blah 2 months
They did. They specifically targeted this baker because of his beliefs.
Spikey Dog 2 months
where are the ambulance chasers? need them to do a pro bono case against them for harassment and discrimination of the baker based on his reliefs/customs
DrSlushee 2 months
exactly the case

blah blah 2 months
Good, creepy ass 2% trying to put their diddle into everything. Freedom of religion means I don't have to serve to your demands that would interfere with my beliefs. Get rekt.

Aaron W 2 months
There should be a counter suit for harassment. It not like they were the only bakery around. They were deliberately targeted.

Lucifer Neverchanges 2 months
If I was the judge I would deem it a waste of my time and put it in the trash bin.