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Paul Hunt 4 weeks
The god emperor and his loyal subjects shall rule for 4 more years
The Inquisitor 4 weeks
destroy the heretics in holy facts and logic
Jesse McCree 4 weeks
Imagine the Astartes wearing MAGA hats.
CoLpOeSnED 4 weeks
so what's gonna happen after that?

michael zubas 4 weeks
this is gonna be HUUUUGEEEE

Lord Flasheart 4 weeks
all Russian bots, the lot of them.
Steve Scotts 4 weeks
Russians?! what!!!don't forget the 2 key words"NO COLLUSION NO OBSTRUCTION".
Andrew Colomy 4 weeks
yes comradeski. we are being Russians.

Canadian Thought 4 weeks
At least nobody is generalizing and grouping all Trump supporters in a negative light, in the comments.
yuckycrumpet 4 weeks
I thought they did that themselves.
InsideOutFetus 4 weeks
I get what you're trying to do yucky... good try bud.

Carisa D 4 weeks
What no left leaning news sites are reporting on this? I’m shocked! Shocked, I say!!
consistency 4 weeks
it was in the times and CNN
DivineDawn 4 weeks
the daily beast is reporting on it here never heard of the daily beast tbh but hey its marked as a lefty

Aerilous 4 weeks
better than any candidate at the moment

AY-MO 4 weeks
All those welfare Trump supporters, who don't work.
Da Boys 4 weeks
Uhhh sure 😂
Robert Hicks 4 weeks
Even for you, that's weak.
AY-MO 4 weeks
white trash is the biggest welfare grabbers and biggest dumb ass Trump supporters.

Christian Kenny 4 weeks
I smell salt.

Watheverable GRAMPS 4 weeks

Matthew Rowley 4 weeks
I am a Trump fan...though I will criticize when appropriate...please don't wait in line for 40 hours to go to a political makes us look bad.
Lord Flasheart 4 weeks
I think the fact the Orlando stadium only holds 20 000 for a basketball game, people didnt want to miss out.

Daniel C. Reiter 4 weeks
A crowd of low IQ Christians.
Robert Hicks 4 weeks
Christians made the technology, the infrastructure, and the ethics of the modern world...The left just cried about it.
Steve Scotts 4 weeks
@Robert, the main group of people who have invented technology are the Jews, they are a smart bunch.
- Minus - 4 weeks
Not smart enough to leave Nazi Germany...

Dawn Trimble 4 weeks
Stand Strong

marcus aurelius 4 weeks
40 hours before the rally?! well hopefully the rally is worth the wait, and I hope who ever goes enjoys themselves.

Aaron W 4 weeks
uhhgg, loosers.
Robert Hicks 4 weeks
The left can't spell... "Losers"...
Seth Napier 4 weeks
Robert ya cant expect to much from a bunch of commies. If they were actually smart they wouldn't be commies.
yuckycrumpet 4 weeks
Seth It's 'too'. Haha.

Forrest Trump 4 weeks
trump 2020

Barny Fraggles 4 weeks
What a bunch of like omg racists and literally Hitler supporters.

Mike Oliver 4 weeks
People lining up forty hours before President Trump's campaign kickoff in a city that according to the Left source apparently loathes him, riiiiight. Leftists are their own worst enemy.

Girthquake 4 weeks
gonna be honest, Trump isn't gonna win this time
InsideOutFetus 4 weeks
even if he doesn't I'm still voting for a rep than a dem.
Girthquake 4 weeks
oh yeah, just most people probably are done with him
Joseph Cribari 4 weeks
what does it matter? popular vote doesn't elect presidents, so it doesn't matter what "the people" think

Star Alien 4 weeks
Get a life.
Joseph Cribari 4 weeks
lol don't be jealous

AY-MO 4 weeks
Wonder if Trump will pay this bill, he has already stiffed 10 cities for contractual services for his rallies. The smart thing to do is get the money up front, or you won't be paid by dine and dash Donnie.
bobby_5150 4 weeks
blah, blah, blah.