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AY-MO 2 months
Joe you have to win the nomination first and those under 50 are not going to vote for you, or Trump......

James Villalobos 2 months
I'd consider this a gaffe. By making this statement he makes himself look a little demented, which is definitely a turn-off for Centrists and Democrats on the more moderate side. Which, coincidentally, is the group he's counting on to win the primaries.

Miles O'Brien 2 months
Biden says a lot of things, most of them BS, self-serving clap trap.

Ian Agkpo 2 months
In the same way he’s gonna beat cancer

Cory Pritchard 2 months
Bernie will win the south in the primary and general. His economic policy speaks to poor disenfranchised and working class whites and minorities.

me notyu 2 months
wishful thinking. unless the economy crashes. trump will win with electoral and popular vote as always happens with incumbents in positive economies.