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david dindu 3 months
wut if its just pictures of this drag kid msm shows often

Robert Talbot 3 months
Hmmm. I am sceptical to say the least, this sounds like a character assassination to me.

Booble Plus 3 months
Wrong, the FBI have advised that this was a targeted malware attack in order to entrap him and his team as they were issued with a judicial order of discovery.
Hannibal 3 months
Source? That's terrifying.
Garthak 3 months
I FUCKING KNEW THAT SHIT WAS COMING!! Was only a matter of time, I'm legit surprised the FBI found evidence.
Seed 3 months
I agree @Hannibal, can we get a source for this?

Idiot Prole 3 months
Couldn't have been him. He's banned from the Internet.
MacrossMX 3 months
As long as his main site remains, as well as his loyal following continue to spread his message in his name, Jones is never truly banned.
..... 3 months
He was banned. Quit playing semantics, there's a ongoing war on free speech perpetrated by the technocratic elite of silicon valley against the human population.

SûmFigöt 3 months

SimonR 3 months
Well thank fuck the FBI checked the authenticity of the emails. I wonder how many other people have been entrapped by this sophisticated attack.

Dave 3 months
Yes because that is what someone does, sends child porn to lawyers currently in a suit against him. Sounds legit. 4D chess.

Barny Fraggles 3 months
Because who needs context anyway?

Filthy Casual 3 months
alex jones 2020

Kenguru Safari 3 months
The freaking leftist headlines... No wonder the zombies hate him. ther go REE way before reaching the article.

ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 3 months
FBI find proof that people really are out to get the conspiracy theorist... I’m sorry I just find this very twilight zone...

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months
Well there was that time he showed Tranny porn on his phone by accident.

The Real AY-MO 3 months
LOL another pedo making excuses
Lowlife 3 months
The FBI said it was some hacker trying to ensnare their team. ‘‘Tis fake
Seth Napier 3 months
Wrong CC. It was put on his server to entrap him.

Aaron W 3 months
the hell is going on.