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Robert Talbot 3 months
Solution: Take him out back and shoot him in the head
Joseph Cribari 3 months
show me the guilty verdict first

Joel Barthel 3 months
Fact: Teachers commit far more sexual crimes than priests.
Whicker 3 months
Between the government and teachers unions keeping stuff hush hush you don't hear about it as often
Plumer 3 months
No, they just get caught more often, not every teacher is a pedo but every single Catholic priest is, they use religion as a cover story, it's just a pedo club in disguise.
Whicker 3 months
@Plumber Aww are you mad? Your anti-Christian bias is showing

Plumer 3 months
Should have been a Catholic priest.
Mr Peanut 3 months
'Should have been' ?
david phillips 3 months
I don't think so he was after little girls. Don't the priests go after the boys.
Plumer 3 months
What's your point Peanut? Are you rising to the defence of a pedo there mate?

Joseph Cribari 3 months
show me the guilty verdict first, and then I'll pass my judgment

Daniel C. Reiter 3 months
Death penalty.

Kenguru Safari 3 months
first-graders could be a 6 year old or a 18 year old. i have no idea.
InsideOutFetus 3 months
I could sadly see this nowadays. although most likely doubtful.

Attack Helicopter ́ (Mi 24 Hind) 3 months
Show me a video or it ain't happened... Okay that came out the wrong way.... xD

Vashman 3 months
He needs high velocity cortical lead therapy. It's the only cure.

Beast Of Bladenboro 3 months
a lot of people want to kill someone for being accused of something and not yet proven guilty sad