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Dave 3 months
What Iran says and what Iran does are often two very different things.
David Giarratana 3 months
I can't think of a single nation of which that isn't true.
NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 3 months
Meanwhile nato countries always keep their word. O wait...
Star Alien 3 months
What trump tweets is twice as incoherent.

michael zubas 3 months
i dont think America csres is Iran wants a war or not. did they care if Iraq wanted us to invade? lybia? SYRIA?
Akira Kevin 3 months
michael zubas 3 months
yea. ProNouns. SOO SCARRYYYY OHHHHOOHOOHHH *scary fingers* so sorry you need Nouns every god damn time.

Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
2 advices for Iran: 1)stop burning American flags and chanting "Death to America". 2)Drop every nuclear program and allow inspectors to verify that. That should prevent war.
The Facts Provider 3 months
Pretty sad if point number 1 can cause a war. The USA should be the USS: United States of Snowflakes.
Star Alien 3 months
Usa violated the nuclear treaty.
Cory Pritchard 3 months
Lol to your number 1. To your nunber 2: Oh so the nuclear agreement. Your god emperor reneged on that agreement, that's why Iran is beginning to enrich uraniun again.

NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 3 months
Gulf of Tonkin 2.0
Daddy Tito 3 months
Do you have any evidence? Is there even a war happening? Or are you just lying again to attack trump like every other time you’ve said we’re going to war in the last 3 years? (You’ve been wrong every time)
Cory Pritchard 3 months
Everything in the news is posturing towards war with Iran, what are you talking about? Iraq just happened? No, there was months and months of build up and false intelligence about yellow cake, WMD, chemical weapons etc. Kuwait had false allegations of babies in incubators being thrown on the floor, months of build up. Veitnam had the Tonkin affair. Spanish America war had the false mine attack off the coast of Columbia, months of yellow journalism and build up. Why so dense?
NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 3 months
I mean, I’ve been on the website 5 months... and I’m generally pro trump but if meth is what you like, keep at it bro.

Seed 3 months
The U.S. is poking a bee's nest with a stick
TakeThePill 3 months
The bees nest is fucking tiny, starving, mostly inbred, and dying off like crazy. I ain't scared.
Oliver Biscuit 3 months
You fail to see the bigger picture. Iran's Navy is a joke but the revolutionary guard and their air force is well trained and could put up a decent fight. Let's not also forget they're allied with China (who doesn't mind sacrificing its own people as cannon fodder) and Russia (2nd largest military on earth and one that could actually pose a real threat to the US military if shit were to hit the fan.) also don't forget that the US military is spread thing all over the planet and neither of the 3 nations I mentioned are. A war is Iran would cause a huge problem with no guarantees that other nations would help or fight against the US. Just not worth it atm. Best thing to do is to isolate them economically like North Korea. Let Allah feed them when they run out of food. Maybe then the people will gain the balls to take their country back and let it become what it used to be... The America of the Middle East.
Jason J Mitchell 3 months
any little hornets nest can be troublesome, especially if it has a bear and a dragon in it's garden. that doesn't mean you can't but it with fire, just be careful when you do.

Rocky LeBlanc 3 months
That is awfully anti-islamic. The whole goal of Islam is to force others into submission. Somehow I have trouble believing they turned their back on Islam.
Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
I'll take "Taqiya" for $500 please

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months
Funny how they dont consider Israel a nation isnt it? Every imam issues fatwah against Jewish citizens, and every leader calls for the death of Israel.
Based Haole 3 months
but are they wrong?
Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
@Based yes.
O'Brien 3 months
Yep. That's a call to genocide. Genocide is considered wrong by the civilized.

SimonR 3 months
But you will attack commercial shipping.
Cory Pritchard 3 months
The president of the shipping company contradicts our assessment of the explosion. We say it was mines, they say it was flying projectiles. The damage is above the waterline. Independent investigations are needed.
Based Haole 3 months
yeah anyone with any actual knowledge can tell you that's wasn't a mine or an Iranian attack
Voice of Reason 3 months
They'll also sponsor and equip proxies to do the fighting for them.

Captain Obvious 3 months
He realizes he's messing with the wrong President doesn't he? Trump isn't going to fly in billions of dollars to make the bad man go away.
Star Alien 3 months
Never seen trump handle any crisis competently.

Joseph McHugh 3 months
But they'll supply and fund extremist groups all day long.
AY-MO 3 months
The US would never do that right, ever hear of the mujahideen or the contra's just to name two US-backed terrorist groups. The US should just back off and clean up their own shit, before starting any more shit.
jan morgan Froynes 2 months
@AY-MO"The US backed the mujahideen when Soviet attacked Afghanistan 4 decades ago, the us is funding terrorists so that means Iran shouod be allowed to fund terrorist organizations that kill civilians all over the world." That's exactly how stupid you look, all your comments here are just "USA did something kind of similar a while ago, so fuck all your arguments about current affairs."
AY-MO 2 months
Jan ever hear of Yemen, the US is funding terrorists who are killing civilians and has created one of the biggest humanitarian crises in the world Until the US gets its act together it has no businesses lording over others.

Christopher Stone 3 months
Of course Iran won't wage war...they have Hezbollah for that. All jokes aside Iran would wage war on a number of countries if it came to it, they are just smart enough not to. Frankly the same is true for potentially all countries.
Based Haole 3 months
uh huh hezzbollah is a Mossad puppet and everyone knows it just like Isis just like the white helmets

Cory Pritchard 3 months
It's called a false flag. False Flags led to the Spanish American war, Veitnam war, and the Iraq war.
Seth Canoy 3 months
And world wars 1 and 2
Daddy Tito 3 months
You physically can’t tell the truth can you?
The Real AY-MO 3 months

Leah Christiansen 3 months
Unfortunately, the US has never needed a willing participant to war with, we just call it by another name anyway.

Bon Futur 3 months
we'll probably end up invading for that one country we always invade others 4

TakeThePill 3 months
Damn fuckin' right you won't. We'll use that fucking rag on your head as toilet paper, bitch.
Based Haole 3 months
what you gonna do when we expose Israel and start hanging people in public?
The Real AY-MO 3 months
Nuke you?
Christopher Fox 3 months
Woah, now. Calm down there, tough guy. 🙄

Avi Khait 3 months
And then they proceeded to chant, Death to America and to Israel. We know how totalitarian propaganda works: it won't be a war per se, but a "divine battle for peace", and it won't be Iran per se, but their proxies.
Based Haole 3 months
oy vey we are the victims here...get fuck chaim

Jason J Mitchell 3 months
it would be good if they didn't. we don't need a radioactive wasteland

GG WP 3 months
Time to nuke the bastards
Nikolozka 3 months
ok,we understand that you are stupid, you don't need to remind us

AshLiamBerg 3 months
Let's go...
Based Haole 3 months
Israel burns

Lover 3 months