Teenager jailed for calling Prince Harry a ’race traitor’

Teenager jailed for calling Prince Harry a ’race traitor’

A judge in UK has sentenced a teenager who created an ’abhorrent’ online image of Prince Harry to 4 years and three months in a young offenders’ institution. The judge lambasted Michal Szewczuk, 19, for creating an image of Harry with a pistol to his head against a blood-spattered background. The post referenced Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle and included the phrase ’See Ya Later Race Traitor’.

Lowlife 8 months

When people say Britain has freedom of speech, slap them with the facts

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 8 months

Meanwhile 20,000 known Islamist Jihadis roam freely in UK society....

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 8 months

Yeah thats too far

MoralKombat 8 months

I'm surprised they didn't just cut the kid's tongue out and call it a day. 😑

InsideOutFetus 8 months

That's insane...

What Do I Know?
What Do I Know? 8 months

How weird is it that I only now, thanks to this story, found out that Meghan Markle is ethnic? I always just assumed she had a good tan...

Stephen 8 months

This whole "race" thing never made sense to me. We are all humans, why does the amount of melanin in your skin matter?

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 8 months

Every time I read ‘teenager said online’ and ‘jailed’ in the same line, Western Civilization seems to sink further around the u-bend.

Sylvain Wear
Sylvain Wear 8 months

The teenager directly incited violence, I see no free speech issue here. If calling Harry a "race traitor" was all he did then he shouldn't be arrested, but he literally said "he should be shot"

Bart De Bock
Bart De Bock 8 months

and this, right here, is how you further radicalize the youth. if anything they shouldve just send mr prince to him for a chat. tell him why he's wrong, dont turn him into a martyr

david dindu
david dindu 8 months

this is why our founding fathers put freedom of speech as the number 1 ammendment

IIZard 8 months

They're going to get raped so fast in prison.

Diesel Paté
Diesel Paté 8 months

This conviction is for possessing material useful for someone plotting a terrorist act and it goes way beyond simply creating this image. Aside from his postings, he also possessed multiple terrorism manuals, one being an al-Q manual and the other being labeled as violent “white resistance” manual. He posted in support of Breivik and some British version of the “Atomwaffen Division” as well, so it goes beyond simply this pic.

Barra Cudda
Barra Cudda 8 months

Oh yeah, thats how deradicalization is done. Well done uk, just piss your influence away. May as well hand groom the next hitler.

MT144 8 months

good bye UK. this kind of shit has no place in EU

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 8 months

The world is not the US. While it used to be that many countries aspired to emulate the US, that is not the case anymore. The US is not the standard for freedom any more. To watch the semi-literate and ill educated post here about any other country being worse than the US makes me cringe.

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