Senators reach a deal on emergency border funding

Senators reach a deal on emergency border funding

The top members of the Senate Appropriations Committee have struck a deal on President Trump’s request for more funding tied to the US-Mexico border after weeks of stalemate. The deal would provide Trump more than $4.5 billion for the border funding package. The agreement is expected to get a vote on the Senate floor before lawmakers leave for the Fourth of July recess next week.

CakeSorcerer 8 months

MAGA ICE's phone number 18663472423

Brandon I.T.
Brandon I.T. 8 months

Build the wall. Force Mexico to enforce their laws. Make the illegals wait in Mexico or Guatemala. Problem solved.

AY-MO 8 months

Pelosi should refuse to bring the bill to the floor until Mitch starts bringing House bills to the Senate floor

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