Pelosi backs bill aimed at protecting Hong Kong rights

Pelosi backs bill aimed at protecting Hong Kong rights

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, on Wednesday, threw her influence behind bipartisan legislation to require the Trump administration to certify Beijing is maintaining its special treatment of Hong Kong. ’The legislation says we no longer assume that China is operating under one country, two systems’, Pelosi, a longtime critic of China’s human rights record, said.

SimonR 7 months

Sure.... if you fund the fucking wall you hag.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 7 months

the Democrats will do anything to protect you as long as you are not American

Jake Middleton
Jake Middleton 7 months

It’s true, I remember when there where hundreds of thousands of Jews trying to illegally enter auschwitz every month!

Roadhog 7 months

Sounds like Nancy is in the right here, good job. Hong Kongers have no illusions about life under the yoke of the Communist party and need our support.

Crullerbelle 7 months

Screw you Nancy. Why are we doing anything for Hong Kong. We need your attention in the states you greedy ignorant hag.

Hermit T Mog
Hermit T Mog 7 months

So people being tear gassed and what not is a beautiful sight for Pelosi. Strange that she can stick up for the shadow of colonialism that is Hong Kong special status. Remember kids some good can come from colonialism.

SRC t 7 months

Nancy Pelosi need to go! she care more for the enemies of the United States.

MR G!!
MR G!! 7 months

Toxic cow farts !!🤣

Seed 7 months

This appears to be 2-3 separate stories

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