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North Korea hails ’invincible’ relationship with China

North Korea hails ’invincible’ relationship with China

Kim Jong-un has hailed North Korea’s ’invincible’ ties with China, during a state visit by President Xi Jinping. Xi’s two-day visit to Pyongyang ends on Friday, a week before he meets US President Donald Trump at G20. He and Kim are currently in separate disputes with the US - China over trade and North Korea over nuclear weapons.

Imperial German
Imperial German 1 year

Sure bud, let's see how long that lasts when Trump threatens China with more sanctions unless they enbargo you. I'm calling it right here and now!🇺🇸

Midgetelf 1 year

Commies will be commies...

R D 1 year

Looks like Android 19 and Cheng from 24 are going to get this party started

Plumer 1 year

A love for Stalin and Marx porn unites them in their dystopian dreams.

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