Blizzard’s global esports director quits

Blizzard’s global esports director quits

Blizzard’s esports team has lost another major leader. Global esports director Kim Phan has left Blizzard to pursue a ’new endeavor’ in the gaming industry. The move comes just under a month after Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer left for Epic Games.

MightyMargulis 8 months

i read " esports" as "escorts" and thought blizzard had a team of international hookers.

.       .
. . 8 months

Whamen aren't video games

Roadhog 8 months

1. GOATS killed Overwatch League 2. Brigitte made GOATS viable 3. Brigitte killed Overwatch Q.E.D.

Darth Quaint
Darth Quaint 8 months

Yeah, these people were used to running similar events and Blizzard thought they could translate easily into esports so they could hype Overwatch and Starcraft to be bigger than they ever should've been. Now they're bleeding these experts because they're tired of meeting Blizzard's crazy expectations.

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