Omar’s immigration status questioned yet again after documents released.

Omar’s immigration status questioned yet again after documents released.

New investigative documents released by a state agency have given fresh life to lingering questions about the marital history of Rep. Ilhan Omar. The documents suggest that Omar was living with her current husband, Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi, throughout her entire legal marriage to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, a claim she has contested. Omar has refused to respond to reports about the allegations.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 6 months


DivineDawn 6 months

alot of hard to read names there but I'm pretty sure Islam doesn't like married women living with other men tut tut

Jesse Morgan
Jesse Morgan 6 months

love how all these idiots are saying, conservatives are attacking the Muslims, umm no, we are attacking these extreme/stupid policies and ideas.

david dindu
david dindu 6 months

got multiple husbands.... thats a stoning

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 6 months

just deport it's the only way to be sure

Russ Kurtell
Russ Kurtell 6 months

Its wouldn't be her immigration status in question. It would be tax fraud for her, and the immigration status of her supposed brother. It looks like she was naturalized before any of this. It's insane how bad the media is at their job even when they try.

Seth Napier
Seth Napier 6 months

Deport this traitorous bitch. Let's see if this comment gets removed.

WJ MacKENZIE 6 months

while I'm not fond of Omar... this is tabloid rag material. There is more than enough legitimate issues to take her to task for without this nonsense.

Dean! 6 months

So we’re all past the “islamaphobe” allegations. They aren’t working anymore. The same thing as calling someone racist, it’s not working anymore.

TakeThePill 6 months

Fire her and send her stupid ass back to Somalia. Enough is enough.

ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing
ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 6 months

I’m going to be 100% honest here. Who the fuck cares, if we want to shitcan her it should be for her policies and support of extremists, how the fuck she cheated a broken system isn’t even on my radar...

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 6 months

Another version of the birther nonsense. Keep the circus alive.

Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 6 months

impeach this ho and her sister fucking brother

Star Alien
Star Alien 6 months

So much for the tolerant right.

bernit 6 months

please Trump supporters u have no leg to stand on when critize this lady. Trump exposed the republican base as having little moral values.

WWG1WGA 6 months

Send this creature to GITMO with all her evil allies

Black Propaganda
Black Propaganda 6 months

This has already been debunked... If there was anything to this story the bigots in the White house would not have let it go this long. Common sense is not strong among the rightwing party but bigotry is and they would not have missed this chance earlier

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