Cop awarded $585,000 after fellow officers spied on her DMV data

Cop awarded $585,000 after fellow officers spied on her DMV data

A court has awarded police officer Amy Krekelberg a total of $585,000 after she sued Minneapolis and two fellow officers for allegedly violating state law protecting the disclosure of DMV data. Krekelberg discovered that people had arbitrarily accessed her DMV records almost 1,000 times over the course of roughly a decade. Dozens of the perpetrators were other police officers.

Based Haole
Based Haole 1 year

shekelberg...I love this timeline

NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr
NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 1 year

Nice payday

Big Bang Boi
Big Bang Boi 1 year

Tax money

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 year

So essentially the DMV data was hacked. The hackers should be punished but the DMV should not. In other words, the city should not be paying any money to anyone. Why is the actual justification for her to get paid anyway?

Pomai Kajiyama
Pomai Kajiyama 1 year

How much you wanna bet she was getting looked up for creepy stalker reasons...a real office infatuation taken to the extreme.

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