U.S. consumer confidence at 21-month low

U.S. consumer confidence at 21-month low

U.S. June consumer confidence fell more than expected, hitting its lowest level since September 2017. The Conference Board said its index of consumer attitudes fell to 121.5, from a downwardly revised 131.3 the month before. The reading for the month prior was revised to 131.3 from 134.1.

Oily Dumplings
Oily Dumplings 7 months

so like... we are back where we started

david dindu
david dindu 7 months

gotta pay off debts

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 7 months

...Well that's not good. Looks to me that they are going to start withholding their wallet and are going to start consuming less. Indicative that a business recession cycle is coming.

.       .
. . 7 months

Lies, China bribing for it's life

Rocky LeBlanc
Rocky LeBlanc 7 months

We have seen no such issues in my neck of the woods. Lots of expansion and new construction of businesses. A shortage of housing even as construction is at blistering pace. Wages are rising quickly and everyone is working that I know keeping demand high. Homes are selling well and prices are steady and still rising in areas. Overall just good.

.       .
. . 7 months

It's low because we need to ban China

Max Maidment
Max Maidment 7 months

Possibly due to all the corporate wokeness?

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