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Matt Gaetz associate admits both men had sex with teen girl: Report

Matt Gaetz associate admits both men had sex with teen girl: Report

According to reports, Joel Greenberg, a longtime associate of Rep. Matt Gaetz, has admitted in a letter that both he and the GOP congressman paid for sex, including with a minor. The Daily Beast claims to have obtained three versions of a confession letter that Greenberg apparently wrote last year in an effort to secure a pardon from former President Trump.

John 2 weeks

I love the fact that just because somebody had written an allegation (one lacking in any evidence whatsoever) on paper it suddenly possesses some gravitas beyond being a baseless allegation with zero evidence. Just like the comey memo, the Steele dossier, the ‘Ukraine whistleblower’. All complete fabrications created to hurt a political opponent. btw, Bill Clinton stayed at Epstein’s residences numerous times & flew to little st James sex island 12 times & the only reason Epstein was free after raping 41 underage girls was because mueller’s fbi gave him 1 yr day-release for 1 charge.

Remy 2 weeks

Guilty or not, what has happened with all the allegations against Democrat members?? "Nobody pay attention to those... LOOK! GAETZ!"

Rocky 2 weeks

This makes no sense. Every piece that comes out about this makes me doubt the validity of the entire conspiracy theory more and more (Blue anon is ridiculous). People don't spontaneously write confession letters. This just doesn't make any sense logically. They don't even validate their news with common sense any more let alone evidence and on the record sources.🤦🏽‍♂️

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 2 weeks

Why would you do this? Surely there is equally satisfying girls who are young without being illegally young. Gross and he needs to see the inside of a cell.

riheg 2 weeks

Republicans probably still think he’s a Christian. Just like adult film star dating Trump

O'Brien 2 weeks

Journalists reporting journalists yet again. Underage prostitution is a felony. Felony convictions require evidence. Let’s see some evidence ok? Everything so far is unsubstantiated scuttlebut.

Rafael 2 weeks

So you think it's all complete fabrication. That's the problem with you republicans, you defend wrong doers no matter how strong the evidence is.even though you have nothing to back up your statements. Everything is a conspiracy theories with you republicans.

John W
John W 2 weeks

I'd be careful assuming everything is true. Remember peeing h👀kers in russian hotels. Did you fall for that?If so you have very faulty discernment, so factor that in. I do''t know what happened, i do know we live in a post truth world. https///en.wikipedia.or//wik//Post-truth_politics

John W
John W 2 weeks

Qanon is establishment disinformation, anyone can't see that immediately, just doesn't know about disinformation. I don't think that many people actually believe it. Yes there are flat Earthers as well, there will always be a few. The establishment puts out garbage then claims everyone that's anti establishment is Qanon. it's a very transparent tactic, if you care to look.

Thomas 2 weeks

If Greenberg tells stories about Gaetz, ruining a Republican’s reputation then Biden will give him clemency!

The 2 weeks

How did he think that he was going to receive a pardon for admitting child molestation/rape?

d3m0n0gr4ph1c 2 weeks

Why am I not surprised that his insane spewing about the FBI extorting him to save a dead captive in the middle east was just a distraction from his degeneracy? So predictable.

Jason S Savitt
Jason S Savitt 2 weeks

As a conservative it makes me sad that such things had to happen. But its time for Gaetz and Greenberg to face the wall.

Kyle 2 weeks

Seems this should be easy to prove with written statements from the girls and transaction receipts or statements. If the FBI, DOJ, etc have all been looking at this for more than a year, why is Matt Gaetz walking free if he is guilty?

NapkinEater 2 weeks

Cool but I dont trust any news that is in relation to politics, mainly US politics. I'll come back when they actually want to report and not revolutionize. So basically never.

Martin 2 weeks

Who cares. When you see VP Harris consulting Bill Clinton on womens rights, apparently nobody does. He was a frequent guest at Epsteins pedo island. Only hypocrites care.

Amy 2 weeks

Cohersion of confessions in exchange for compensation or consideration is not credible.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 2 weeks

You mean the guy that is blackmailing him for $25 million claims Gates is a criminal....imagine my shock.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 2 weeks

What is it with politicians and these creeper issues? Both sides suffer this, and every time, there is little consequence.

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 weeks

I so hope gagtz is put into general prison population. He'll be quite the novelty j_i_z_z hole in prison

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