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House passes bill to thwart ballot box hacking

House passes bill to thwart ballot box hacking

States would get $600 million in federal grants to secure voting machines from cyber attacks under legislation passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday. The Democratic-controlled House approved the legislation in a mostly partisan vote of 225-184. The legislation attempts to help states switch to paper ballots from electronic machines that are more vulnerable to attack.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 year

Initially it sounds like a good idea. As it has been shown that the counts of the ballot boxes can be manipulated. Then you think of people like Brenda Snipes in Florida being in charge of the count and you have rethink the whole plan! Unless of course you don't want a bill that prevents voter fraud, but a bill that prevents voter fraud that isn't in your favour!

Paul Maillis
Paul Maillis 1 year

yeah, Dems need to do the same thing for their shambolic national committee. Maybe the candidate America needs will win and not a demonic corrupt shillary Clinton/corporate dem.

Justin Hamlin
Justin Hamlin 1 year

This will make the processes much longer and easier to subject to manipulating the numbers. what's stopping officials from counting their opposing party's votes as their own?

Kramo 1 year

Democrats: The party that owned slaves.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 1 year

now the Senate needs to amend it to include voter ID and send it back to the house

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