Eric Swalwell takes a swipe at Biden’s age

Eric Swalwell takes a swipe at Biden’s age

Rep. Eric Swalwell took a swipe at former VP Joe Biden ahead of their debate on Thursday, suggesting he wouldn’t have to ’live’ with the decisions that he’d make in office. ’We can’t have a candidate who has ideas that are staler than Donald Trump’s’, said Swalwell.

Furry Newsposter
Furry Newsposter 8 months

I'm sure fresh ideas like nuking your own citizens for not surrendering their 2nd amendment will win 2020

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 8 months

It's hard to be more uncomfortable to watch than Beto and, diBlasio or Booker, but this guy takes the cake!

David 8 months

No you will be butchering our constitution

Steve Scotts
Steve Scotts 8 months

I think swalwell will be the democratic nominee in 2020

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