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EU regulators say Apple’s App Store breaks competition rules

EU regulators say Apple’s App Store breaks competition rules

Regulators in the European Union said ’Apple has a monopoly’ in the distribution of music-streaming apps to owners of Apple devices. The EU’s executive arm, European Commission, said an initial probe found that Apple wielded huge market power giving it a monopoly. The EC started an antitrust investigation into the App Store in 2020, after a 2019 Spotify complaint about Apple’s license agreements.

Ethan 1 weeks

I might get an apple of at long last i dont need to use their itunes and other stores. Probably not though as there is no reasom to pay so much for a phone.

michael 1 weeks

Hopefully they can do more about corporate consolidation than america is interested in doing.

good4you 1 weeks

They need to maintain minimum 30% margin for the BOD..

Indo 1 weeks

Apple has always been a world all its own. We got up yesterday did we !?

Cían 1 weeks

What’ll come out of this is the reich will set itself up as a competitor to Apple and enact laws to allow its own monopoly.

Colton 1 weeks

God bless apples been acting the monopoly part for a while now

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