Judge blocks billions from trump’s wall

Judge blocks billions from trump’s wall

The budget for President Donald Trump’s border wall has shrunk by $2.5 billion, after a federal judge in Northern California issued a pair of rulings blocking the president from using military funding to build parts of the wall on Friday.

Ryan Strasser
Ryan Strasser
John Doh
John Doh 8 months

As a multi-tour Marine combat veteran, it makes absolute sense that the wall funding be taken from military budget. 1. National defense falls under military jurisdiction. 2. We build buildings, including walls, in Iraq and Afghanistan without anyone blinking an eye.

Turn N Burn
Turn N Burn 8 months

Well let's get a different judge to overturn the first judges ban. Come on folks.

NeverMetTheGuy 8 months

A California judge says the border wall is unlawful in two areas... So then don't build it there, and get webuildthewall.us to build that section. Problem solved.

IIZard 8 months

Democrats just can't help but attempt to legislate from the bench. Which judge did this and are they supporters of Le Raza?

Julian 8 months

Fuck these swamp parasites

Lowlife 8 months

I don’t get how that works. Judges interpret laws, why do they have that power?

Dave 8 months

The blood of children, who die being forced to attempt the crossing, is on the judges hands.

Unbiased Intent
Unbiased Intent 8 months

Deport him too.

Russ Kurtell
Russ Kurtell 8 months

Gotta fix injunctions reaching beyond Jurisdiction.

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 8 months

I have a couple questions. 1. Will this even be completed by the time Trump leaves office. 2. What's to stop our next elected dictator from tearing it down?

ConcealCarryProtect 8 months

Great job judge. Now theres MORE insentive to trudge through a desert and die. Thanks for helping absolutely nobody.

Zombie Pundit
Zombie Pundit 8 months

POTUS is supposed to be the most powerful person in the United States. I don't understand why Liberal judges can obstruct him at every turn.

Julian 8 months

Fucking swamp judge parasites

Innerparty 8 months

Oh, the demographics !!!

Tad Wimmer
Tad Wimmer 8 months

Let's see, there is no enumerated power in the Constitution to regulate immigration. The case law, dating to 1875, relies on the Commerce clause and the Necessary and Proper clause, both in Article I. Article I also gives the appropriation power to Congress. Republicans controlled both chambers for the first 2 years of Trump's administration and didn't fund the wall. This is a legitimate Constitutional question, and the injunction precludes irreversible damage while it moves through the courts. ... This is how it's supposed to work.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 8 months

overturned in 3..2..1

Girthquake 8 months

real patriot right there

ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing
ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 8 months

This is the current leftist tactic, institute a deluge of lawsuits and use Judges they know align with their views to halt action by the administration. This will very likely be overturned (like the travel ban at the beginning of the current administration’s term), but it serves its goal. It’s not designed to stop the wall but slow it down so the DNC can win back the presidency (wishful thinking I know, but this seems to be their plan).

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