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Hunter Biden opens up about struggle with addiction

Hunter Biden opens up about struggle with addiction

Hunter Biden, the son of former VP Joe Biden, opened up about his struggle with addiction in a new interview released Monday. In an extensive interview with The New Yorker, Biden, 49, details his abuse of alcohol and drugs, which included first using cocaine while in college at Georgetown.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 1 year

He didn't do this without his father giving the OK. Shame on you Biden.

Vetle Tollaksen
Vetle Tollaksen 1 year

that is such a uniform salute. are these guys going to jail? I feel confident that Joe Biden will.

Highlander 1 year

Here is a prick with every advantage in life, wanting for nothing. His dad even stopped a legitimate investigation in a foreign country by threatening to withhold aid which was not even his decision to make. Biden even bragged about using the withdrawal of aid to interfere in a legal internal investigation. This is about as corrupt as you can possibly get, especially considering that while he was dragging he didn't once mention the real reason he wanted the investigation stopped. It was to prevent his own son being investigated. Well it now looks like the past is about to catch up with both of them. I believe the Ukraine has now decided to reopen the investigation. This time Biden can't protect his son.

Ben B.
Ben B. 1 year

Hunter Biden's business troubles, like how him and his father sold out to China, and personal problems, like the legal penalties they're both likely to face for it.

Matthew Rowley
Matthew Rowley 1 year

I am more interested in him opening up about Ukraine.

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