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Ever Given’s Japanese owner asks cargo owners to share Suez Canal compensation

Ever Given’s Japanese owner asks cargo owners to share Suez Canal compensation

Shoei Kisen Kaisha Limited, the Japanese owner of the cargo ship Ever Given that blocked the Suez Canal has asked freight owners to share the damages under a ’general average’ declaration. The blockage of the canal halted billions of dollars in maritime trade. Egypt has sought an estimated $916 million from Shoei Kisen Kaisha. The ship with its crew and cargo is under Egyptian custody now.

Kelli 1 weeks

Why should the cargo companies pay anything when they weren't driving the ship or giving the okay to enter the canal? Sounds like they're trying to pass the responsibly off. Those cargo companies are already taking a hit because their cargo is stuck on that ship for who knows how long.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 2 weeks

I like the Japanese approach to this. It has sound reasoning and a very civilized view of the shared venture. Unlike Equity arguments forwarded by communists, there is constructive room for dialogue and conflict resolution using reason, logic and facts as well as moral and ethical norms of conduct. You cannot have a modern society without moral-ethical guidelines. Manners and politeness is away to move forward in difficult situations that have long term consequence well beyond the issue at hand. I think the Japanese proposal allowed for some very hard negotiations to take place and an opportunity for all parties to seek satsifaction, even complete exoneration of responsibility if the case put forward is sound and argued well. A++ to the Japanese for putting forward such a novel and sophisticated approach that is very fitting in a modern world. Well done.

Dave 1 weeks

I thought they got trained professionals to board each ship and guide it through the canal? Or is that just the Panama Canal?

Nathan  Hough
Nathan Hough 2 weeks

Wait So Egypt allows a ship the is clearly to big for the canal in It processed to get stuck in no fault of its own The Egyptians fail for 6 days to get unstuck Than it places blame on the ship Yea... Egyt that's not how fault works

Alex 1 weeks

This is not common knowledge, but the "general average" clause has been part of maritime law pretty much since 800 BC if not earlier. If a ship is in risk of sinking, stranded or attacked and it has to make a sacrifice to save the ship and its cargo, like jettison part of the load or intentionally running the ship aground... Then all parties, ship owners, shippers and financers share the costs of the damage. We are talking about Billions of dollars, not only in the costs of the salvage itself but also the financial damages caused by the delays of goods on the ships stuck there waiting to pass.

Omega 1 weeks

Imagine if FedEx wanted to charge you more for shipping your package because their delivery driver wrecked their FedEx van!

Qanonsense 1 weeks

Just pay the fine! I've been waiting 16 weeks for my oven to arrive!

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 1 weeks

I thought all the socialists and commies would be on board with this. You mean they only want a share of the profits but not the costs or damages?

Indo 1 weeks

Rather than just try to cough up payments, try a different approach. Like why the shipping industry is still stuck with such gigantic clumsy vessels in the first place

Arthur 1 weeks

Not even a chance I would sue !

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 weeks

Very democratic! Ever Given the intentionally of the act, should require an Ever Given responsibility for sole payment for damages. If in doubt, verify the GPS tracking.

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