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US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention frees people from face mask

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention frees people from face mask

U.S. Centers for Disease Control Prevention calls that people who are fully vaccinated can freely roam without wearing face mask at small outdoor gatherings. This statement splitted the authorities into two different opinions. In contrast, some health experts warn people to wear face mask, even if they are vaccinated. They also cast a new guideline to reach vaccine-hesitant Americans.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

If he does all American Patriots should leave the military and start their own AMERICA FIRST militia. 1776 is the only cure to 1984.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 weeks

Doing stupid things for political theatrics is not Patriotism. Wearing masks is just a reflection of the Communist power grab and capture of the societal institution by the Chinese Communist Party. This virus is measured in nanometers. The pours on your mask are measured in micrometres. Using masks to stop this virus is like using a chain-link fence to stop mosquitos. If you read the labelling on the box that your mask comes in it clearly states "Does not work for viruses". A level 4 bio lab that handles this virus uses negative pressure and sealed biohazard suits. Do you think a mask designed for dust, fungi, mold and bacteria is going to stop a virus?

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 1 weeks

I like the masks... It makes the really low IQ people easier to identify. Easier to spot potential friends, women i might want to date. May as well get forehead tattoos that state "I'm Retarded"

Met Man
Met Man 1 weeks

For God's sake? If he existed he would be on the side of the virus. He would have created it after all. Just like he would be anti condom and pro aids.

chris 1 weeks

Its about as patriotic as wearing a blm shirt, which is the antithesis of patriotic.

chris 1 weeks


Young Conservative
Young Conservative 1 weeks

“Man who clearly doesn’t believe in God and invokes his name only when convenient or to avoid criticism uses the lord’s name in vain”

TheMadDane 1 weeks

"Patriots" are useful idiots.

jo‌‌n 1 weeks

they should just issue arm bands and start goose stepping already.

S 1 weeks

Trust science. It's far more reliable than conspiracy theories from paranoid crazy people.

Fred V
Fred V 1 weeks

Masks don't work, they never have. You are just stupid and believe anything, because you are not a person, you are a mindless drone in a crowd of mindless drones.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 weeks

"Frees" CDC takes years to come to the same conclusion Americans came to in the first week

Michigan 1 weeks

Interesting use of the word “free”.

Cory 1 weeks

I stopped wearing my mask a while ago

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