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Woman uses boyfriend’s credit card to tip waitress $5,000

Woman uses boyfriend’s credit card to tip waitress $5,000

A New York woman upset with her boyfriend left a $5,000 tip on a $55 tab using his credit card. Serina Wolfe, 24, was charged with grand theft. Wolfe was upset her boyfriend, Michael Crane, refused to buy her a return plane ticket to New York. The card company notified the restaurant but the eatery held already paid the tip to the waitress. It’s unclear whether the waitress will keep the cash.

Nick P.
Nick P. 1 year

Make her pay $5,000 in restitution... Problem solved

Irish Bill's Auto Wholesalers
Irish Bill's Auto Wholesalers 1 year

Cut your losses brother $5,000 is chump change to keep That bitch out of your life. And apparently out of the state of New York

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 1 year

It is unclear wether the waitress will keep the stolen money

Battery Salad
Battery Salad 1 year

Toxic Femininity.

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 1 year

#believewomen ... because vagina

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 1 year

Is this 5th wave feminism? Why are women still allowed to vote? Can't the world see how fucked up things are now because of feminism.

Alex Stovall
Alex Stovall 1 year

Mgtow smh

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 1 year

Imagine how much she'd cost him if he got her pregnant? You have to count your blessings in times like these..and never bed crazy.

Gerry tommy Mc'canuck
Gerry tommy Mc'canuck 1 year

unclear whether she will return the stolen money ....says it all

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 year

What a clever prank. She seems like a lovely young lady, well other than those CRAZY EYES.

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 1 year

If this is theft, why the fuck would the waitress get to keep stolen money????

Blaeingr 1 year

Hmmm credit card fraud... good luck with that one genius. I'm sure she'll be fine... someone will gladly pay for her... lots of meat with money on Tinder.

Mitchell 1 year

Speaking as a waiter, I couldn't keep that money. I'm not willing to profit from someone's direct suffering.

Matthew Rowley
Matthew Rowley 1 year

Beautiful and brave...

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 year

MGTOW for life. not all heros wear caps fellas. this man just paid five grand to prove women aren't worth the chance.

Rick Snow
Rick Snow 1 year

Not blaming the waitress here, but a $5k tip on a $55 meal and no one thought to question that?

Korvin Carry
Korvin Carry 1 year

if someone tipped me 20 dollars and didnt mean to id give it back in cash. if someone gave me 5000, id hate to part with it since itll literally double my bank account, but i couldnt live with the guilt of it. id give it back. but, even if i didnt, id probably get raided or some shit by police and arrested so the guy could get his money back, but this female waitress just keeps it? doesnt even offer to give it back?! this world has not only lost all senses of duty and honor, but all sense of equality.

Joey Fajardo
Joey Fajardo 1 year

Don't date women of this generation.

Lets be Honest
Lets be Honest 1 year

So does he get his money back?

Turn N Burn
Turn N Burn 1 year

I can't imagine the restaurant manager gave the waitress the $5,000 tip. My manager would have never done such a thing. the other night, a customer tipped me accidentally $143 on a $200 Tab and we just knew that he didn't mean to do that so we waited and called him the next day, and sure enough he had made a mistake.

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