Iranian oil tanker crew being interviewed in Gibraltar

Iranian oil tanker crew being interviewed in Gibraltar

The crew on a giant Iranian oil tanker detained in Gibraltar are being interviewed as witnesses, not criminal suspects, a spokesman for the British territory said. British Royal Marines seized the oil tanker a day earlier for trying to take oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions. Tehran summoned the British ambassador to voice ’its very strong objection to the illegal and unacceptable seizure’.

Ben B.
Ben B. 1 year

Yeah great idea Iran, they've already pissed off the world's most powerful Navy, might as well rile up the second most powerful Navy as well

IIZard 1 year

"We don't even know where Syria is!"

bernit 1 year

so other countries are not allowed to sell oil? only if u pay ur due like Saudi Arabia well that's different.

Klaus Hermann
Klaus Hermann 1 year

fuck UsA dogg UK

Dave 1 year

Bring it on, we need a good war to take the people's minds off of how fucked Brexit is going. Blow off some steam.

Sir_Kutz 1 year

Can we just do away with Iran already.

CoLpOeSnED 1 year

so... could Russia detain an American oil tanker?

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