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As India plunges into Covid apocalypse, US asks citizens to leave country

As India plunges into Covid apocalypse, US asks citizens to leave country

The US State Department issued the highest Level 4 ’do not travel’ advisory and asked its citizens to leave India immediately as the South Asian country is gripped by an apocalyptical surge in Covid cases. India has been breaking its own world record in the number of daily cases each day in the past one week. The country’s medical system is on the brink of collapse and its funeral services choked.

TheMadDane 2 weeks

America probably needs to send a very large amount of taxpayer money to save India from white supremacy.

JoeSchmo 2 weeks

Wait What? As I recall, trump was called a racist by the democraps and their brother in arms, MSM

Justin's Socks
Justin's Socks 2 weeks

Fundamentally, I can see why India isn't handling the outbreak as good as China has (comparing largest populuce). However, regarding the actual human capital these countries have, and recent exodus of foreign investment going to India - I can see the CCP using this 'virus' as a strategic advantage over India. Biowarfare has been used throughout the centuries.

michael 2 weeks

I'm a lefty who didn't think Trump's china travel ban was racist. It didn't really go far enough though, by the time the ban happened, it was already everywhere. To be honest, I don't think travel is a good idea right now no matter where. India has been badly hit because of hubris. They were doing pretty well for awhile, so they started relaxing restrictions. Let this be a lesson that without vaccines, we aren't going to beat this, and if we continue vaccine apartheid, those vaccines will ultimately cease to work as poor nations incubate mutations.

Change Matters
Change Matters 2 weeks

If exponential growth on this scale was real it would have happened last year

peeweeherman 2 weeks

That's because our president is xenophobic...oh wait thats right, Trump is not president anymore, nevermind, forget what I said... Biden is president now, so now its because he cares about people...

TheDadJokeGuy 2 weeks

Can't wait to see who's gonna have a fit over this one

a commoner
a commoner 2 weeks

<gasp> oh nevermind Dumbos are doing it so... itsok

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 weeks

But I was told that travel bans from certain countries was racist

C 1 weeks

They have had over 300k cases a day for a while. Why wait until millions more infected to do this? Oh yeah, somebody who's barely conscious is in charge. Those around him are so hyper freaked out about wokeness that they delay this and endangered all americans by their delayed actions. Pragmatism works so good. But you have to drop your blind narrow-minded ideology to do this.

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 1 weeks

Fake virus. Mental illness is real though.

Stanley 2 weeks

The US State Dept already had a level 4 warning back in January--Americans were already not allowed to travel TO India before that. The difference now is that Americans who were already in India previous to covid began are being asked-- with good reason--to leave.

Patty 1 weeks

About time

jennifer 2 weeks

Too little, too late. Same mistake the last admin made! The variant from India is already here in Michigan!! And great that they're pulling citizens home- yeah, they'll just bring more of it back with them. And if we insist on those ppl being quarantined... oh, the horror, taking away their constitutional rights! What the hell is wrong with ppl in this country?! I say don't let any citizens back in the country at all unless they're willing to do a month in quarantine on a military boat out in the ocean.

Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 1 weeks

What were they still doing there? Should've been out way before now. Don't let them in lol.

GT... 2 weeks

Déjà vu. This fearmongering will never end it seems.

Fjolnir 2 weeks

Lols. The U.S.: blocks access to a lifesaving medicine. Leads to a massive spike in death and destruction. Also The U.S.: not our problem.

Zeal 2 weeks

Overpopulate the earth and the earth will send a cleanup crew.

Cheltzey 2 weeks

Have them come home and bring it with?

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