WWII bomb defused in Frankfurt

WWII bomb defused in Frankfurt

Authorities reported that an unexploded World War II bomb found close to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt had been defused. Thousands of residents in the German city were free to return to their homes Sunday and roadblocks were lifted. Along with glass-shelled ECB skyscraper, residential areas home to about 16,000 people was within a roughly 1km radius of the 500kg bomb were evacuated.

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 1 year

The 5 years I was stationed in Germany, they found three WW2 unexploded ordinance on base during construction projects. There are still parts off the countryside/forest areas with signs warning of the hazard of unknown WW2 ordinance in the area.

Booble Plus
Booble Plus 1 year

Hey remember when Churchill specifically ignored Hilters attempts to ally with them in order to defeat communism and instead he fire bombed civilians?! Yeah what a real fucken hero that fat sack of shit was.

Thunder Laus
Thunder Laus 1 year

Remains from a civilian terror bombings prbly

1 year

Never forget the Dresden bombings.

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