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UN ’appalled’ at US treatment of migrants and refugees

UN ’appalled’ at US treatment of migrants and refugees

The UN human rights chief said Monday she was ’appalled’ by the conditions migrants and refugees face in US detention facilities. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said children stopped by border agents should never be held in immigration detention facilities or separated from their families.

Ya Boi PI
Ya Boi PI 1 year

oh boo hoo. as long as it keeps the illegal immigrants off our streets, who cares about the conditions. Why should we care about what some globalist organization thinks?

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 year

Appalled, really?! Are you appalled enough to relinquish any of the money the US pays to prop up your debate society?

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 1 year

It's a hard job - to travel in luxury around the world, be constantly "appalled" and demand more money.

Ted Hill
Ted Hill 1 year

First, if you haven't seen /way/ worse either something is going on I don't know about or you are desk jockey that only visits where it is nice and safe. Second, I'm not sure I care what the UN thinks. Third, if you /do/ care what the UN thinks we can start with the UN obligation to refugees is the the nearest safe harbor. Mexico counts. So none of these are qualifying refugees. Forth, if the UN is that worried it can always divert funds set aside to aid refugees. It will probably be spent in less corrupt ways here than most places it gets used.

AlexJ 1 year

And what else should you fuckin do when tens of thousands of people just go into your country, work under-the-table jobs and take welfare. You can't let them go, thats millions of dollars, possibly billions going down the drain.

Beck70 1 year

Send them all to Europe then. Problem solved.

Minnie De Mouse
Minnie De Mouse 1 year

They are not migrants they are not asylum seekers and I'm appalled at the UN for not enforcing the asylum laws which says they must seek asylum at the first safe country Mexico is considered safe by the UN

Minnie De Mouse
Minnie De Mouse 1 year

So they are saying children should never be held and never be separated from their family so they to are telling the USA to have open borders It's time to get out of the UN and get the UN out of the USA

Russ Kurtell
Russ Kurtell 1 year

The UN will not exist in 15 years.

VanityCulture_ 1 year

They should be livable conditions. BUT what do you expect when an overpowering number of people have to be put in detainment? you want the center's to be a 5 star resort? buffet and room service? fuck off

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