NY governor signs law allowing release of Trump taxes

NY governor signs law allowing release of Trump taxes

NY state on Monday cleared the way for Democrats in the Congress to obtain President Trump’s state tax returns. Governor Cuomo signed an amendment to a tax law that would require the commissioner of the Department of Taxation and Finance to share state income tax returns and reports when congressional committees request them. Trump’s attorney called the law an example of ’presidential harassment’.

Andrew Colomy
Andrew Colomy 6 months

Cant wait to see this nothingburger get exposed.

Kyle G
Kyle G 6 months

Can we get Obama's and Hilary's too?

Russ Kurtell
Russ Kurtell 6 months

Grasping at straws. Desperation stinks. Democrats and their filthy stronghold cities don't even realize how fucked they really are. Demonizing America, pay the price.

Alex Glase
Alex Glase 6 months

If Trump is corrupt, would he use methods of payment and activity that would go on his tax returns? He probably doesn’t want to show his tax returns because he’s subscribed to PornHub Premium, but I guess we’ll find out soon.

Cory Pritchard
Cory Pritchard 6 months

They missed passing recreational marijuana for this. This doesn't look good.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 6 months

Good the public needs to know.

david dindu
david dindu 6 months

guess the dems will do a better job than the irs

Rocky LeBlanc
Rocky LeBlanc 6 months

The issue is at the federal level with the IRS. Good luck getting access to non public information. He is NOT in any way legally required to show his tax returns.

Richard Lozano
Richard Lozano 6 months

I was hoping China would release them first.

David 6 months

I want to see the governors taxes if he signed a law it better include everyone I want to see

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