What is Nancy Pelosi’s deal with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

What is Nancy Pelosi’s deal with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Political statements across multiple technology platforms seem to be showing a communication rift between first term congresswomen Ocasio-Cortez and 17 term office holder Pelosi. Mixed messages from op-ed pieces and social media have been painting a story of disagreements between these two.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged
Russ Kurtell
Russ Kurtell 1 year

Maybe because AOC is the dumbest politician ever elected & she is driving people away from the D party faster than she could get you a beer?

Wino-wisdom 1 year

AOC is the new [I use this term in duress] 'office hot' and Pelosi is a crypt dweller, not sure whyyyyy they dont get on...? Anyhoo, each are as annoying as the other, just like pretty much all politicians are annoying and/or useless bottom feeders

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 1 year

Pelosi is 79. Twitter is what birds do. Instagram is how you get bad news from the army.

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