Big Tech execs due for congressional antitrust hearing next week

Big Tech execs due for congressional antitrust hearing next week

Executives from Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google will testify before a House of Representatives congressional committee next week in a hearing to discuss the market power wielded by online platforms. The hearings come as the House Judiciary Committee is probing competition in digital markets as part of an investigation announced last month.

David 6 months

They need to be called what they really are since they decide what can be said and what can't that makes all of them publishers and should be treated as such and under all rules and regulations of a publisher making them open to billion dollar law suits

NeverMetTheGuy 6 months

They're going to drag this out past elections... Just wait for it.

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 6 months

No need to watch, I can sum it up for you: Senator: are censoring conservatives? Social Media Rep: I’m afraid I have no knowledge of that, it’s not my Department, can I go now?

RaxMEMES 6 months

Shouldn't the Dems and Big Tech be on the same side? A high level Google exec literally said they were going to do anything possible to "prevent another Trump situation" I don't see why they are all at odds when they all seem and are all very liberal.

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