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Jus Saying 5 months
Hahaha sure Fackbook we believe you.

Mitchell 5 months

Marcus Rogers 5 months
Bwahaha sure and if we don't like ypur politics, we totally won't cut you off from your money....

Marion P. 5 months
You aren't going to sell our information or tie it to a file? What's next, are pigs going to start flying?

Randy Souse-Git 5 months
Whoever buys in at this point gets what they deserve. #NoFaceTwitInstaSnap #CryptoFlimFlam

TheMadDane 5 months

Seth Harpenger 5 months
yeet them

5 months
Just use bitcoin!

David M. Bebber 5 months
Remind me again... are assurances legally binding?

Ekitchi Hoshi 5 months
It's technically true, Libra will respect consumer privacy, but the tool to use Libra (Calibra) will not. They will gather all the data. Zuckerberg is a terrible person...

Vetle Tollaksen 5 months
Facebook is getting broken up

Kable tha Kiid 5 months
And Google used to say “Don’t Be Evil”
Eric Babich 5 months
and then they changed it, at least their honest