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Anubis 3 months
How's it any different than AOC's constant attack on white men?
Kevin McAlpin 3 months
as a white man, white people do suck. everybody sucks, but whites are the majority in America. bashing on whites is only to be expected.
Tom Moon 3 months
Kevin, thats a dumb statement.
(Un)Fortunate Son 3 months
Kevin what does that have to do with any of this? Chris was pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of AOC. Btw all people suck.

Der Rikmeister 3 months
Is anyone else starting to react to news like this with "What is it now AOC?"
Oliver Biscuit 3 months
Yep. Got tired of her months ago
NotACerealKiller 3 months
Yes. I'm not even American, so I don't get to hear everything. And she infuriates me.
Highlander 3 months
Racist!!!. The ultimate fall back of anyone who lacks the intellectual ability to argue their position. I can't stand ignorant AOC, but I must admit it's fun watching the left eat itself, and it's not like Pelosi doesn't throw the word around like confetti when she is referencing everything Trump does or says. A prime example is the census issue. Pelosi immediately called Trump a racist fir pushing to include the citizenship question. It's pretty pathetic and I believe 'racist' is used so often it has lost any meaning. The Dems, from the top down have become a joke party. I honestly cannot think of anything they have done since taking control of congress. All they seem capable of is obstruction.

Pugpugpugs 3 months
circular firing squad

Roadhog 3 months
It's like poetry, but with honking sound effects.

WJ MacKENZIE 3 months
AOC, Omar and Talib get called out because their batshit identity politics... and then.try to hide behind their skin color to dodge criticism... this is expected. All three of them are dumb and massive bigots.

DivineDawn 3 months
Eating each other alive again

DivineDawn 3 months
Pelosi has a point you don't tweet about your problems with your own party
Miles O'Brien 3 months
Why not?
Highlander 3 months
AOC has a massive ego and a low IQ. A truly dangerous combination. I believe Pelosi has put AOC and her band of sycophants in congress on notice. She, and the rest of the establishment Dems will not put up with threats from jumped up little ingrates regarding primarying others in the party. What's good for the establishment Dems is good for the likes of AOC. I highly suspect she will be primaried. she will be lucky if she manages to hold onto her seat and be just another flash-in-the-pan one term congress woman. Pelosi has had decades to build up power and influence. A don't think this is a fight AOC will win if she takes Pelosi on.
O'Brien 3 months
Right. The Justice Democrats stated goal was to transform the Democratic Party but it's clear it's willing to make it unelectable in the process. The Dems have to weed them out before they could ever hope to return to power.

Sean Christopher 3 months
AOC is white and in Latin America she would be considered the elite.
(Un)Fortunate Son 3 months
If she were in Latin America I’m pretty sure they’d either stone her or make her dictator until she inevitably fucks everything... kind of like Maduro

John Bull 3 months
AOC and her identity politics are cancer. 👎

Paul C 3 months
Only about 479 more days of AOC blatherings.
Gerald 3 months
#MAGA Make Alexandria Go Away!
Steven Arkin 3 months
But she’s so entertaining!
Gerald 3 months
@Steven LOL! So true!

Rowan2284 3 months
AOC...take your race card and shove it. Hmmm ever think it has to do with the stupid crap that comes out of your mouth? If AOC were a white man, what she says would be just as stupid, nothing to do with her race or gender. Get over yourself AOC.
Tin Ego 3 months
If she were a white man she would never have been elected. That’s what’s truly ironic about the corporate progressive position . This woman was voted in because she was a slightly brown shade in skin colour, and a woman with charisma. The fact that she can’t add up or take away and has a political manifesto largely made up of slogans never seemed to concern any who voted for her. Now what would you call people who voted for a guy with fake working class credentials that was voted in because he was likeable and white.

RaiRai 3 months
Maybe Nancy is choosing those with more or better qualifications instead of choosing those with more "victim" points...

VaasDC 3 months
bahahaha this circular retardation is the epitome of entertainment.

Sir_Kutz 3 months
Pelosi has disrespected the American people, not just the “marginalized”.
Highlander 3 months
AOC has disrespected everyone including senior members of her own party. Her threats will not go down well and inferring Pelisi is a racist even if she is was a stupid move.

Petri Fide 3 months
AOC is so entertaining... well worth the popcorn.

cam s 3 months
what makes her think race is a special qualifier for her persona? and what makes her think she or they.. have a right not to be offended?

James Delnort 3 months
Honk-Honk! 🤡

James Delnort 3 months
This is an amusing situation. Two huge idiots publicly going at each other. If it weren't so serious that these LOL Cows hold high office in US government, I'd think it funnier than it is.
Highlander 3 months
There is nothing huge about AOC except her ego. She beat an incumbent and got elected in possibly the most Blue district in the country. Pelisi was absolutely correct when she stated that anyone with a D after their name was guaranteed to be elected. Her seat has been held by the Dems for decades. It was not much of an achievement.

Michael Tatom 3 months
The entire argument of the left is based on race. Every conceivable injustice is the fault of the white man.

Seed 3 months
There are over 200 Democrats in the U.S. House and these four freshmen Congresswomen want their agenda prioritized over all else.... such self-entitlement