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Paul C 6 days
Assuming they even have trials in China, something tells me he'll get more than 13 months like Epstein did in Florida.
Milkshake 6 days
From my short research, 2012 saw a bunch of government officials sentenced to 10 years with 2013 having the Chinese government focus on resolving loopholes and increasing sentences for underage sex. By the reports I see from 2016 underage sex with girls can net a death penalty, while those who perpetrate the same on boys get very light sentences in a weird gender discrepancy. India on a side-note adopted a death penalty for child rapists in 2018.
Christine Thompson 6 days
When we lived in the PRC in the city of Changsha, they had trials on television and they had a whole lot of public executions, on TV for all to see. It was mind blowing. While hundreds of people watched, one by one would be shot in the back of the head and they would all fall forward to the ground. They executed people for fairly small offences and there was respect from the people and considerably less crime in that country. That was in 1987. It's a lot different now. They were afraid of "Western Thought" and for good reason!
Propaganda Destroyer 6 days
Is trump friends with him like he is with Epstein? That's for you trumptards. Is Billy Clinton friends with him like he is with Epstein? That's for you hillbots. And stop with the BS dem v repub crap. it's a fake drama. It's like WWE.

Alejandro Rodriguez 6 days
Did he pull out his Wang? xddddd
Paris Cloud 6 days
That'd be pretty Wong if he did.
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 days
That’s wacist...

WWG1WGA 6 days
Wow another one down the storm is coming for all these illuminati scum
Randy Whaley 5 days

AY-MO 6 days
Seems to be a connection between billionaire property developers and child molestation.
HueHueo Suezo 5 days
I NP-see what you did there.

GUYIVKS 6 days
he could well end up with the death penalty but china having such a fabulous record on false charges being brought purely on political grounds and nothing to do with the truth. i do have serious doubts about any charges being truthful. though if they are true then 🤬🤬🤬🤬 him. they can hang him by his rocky mountain oysters as far as i am concerned because that is all he deserves.
Nuclear Jellyfish 5 days

OumanCoder 6 days
Look carefully folks! That is the face of a sexual predator. #NeverForget #BringBackTheGallows
TheWeakMinded 6 days
based off of an allegation... jfc...

Rhonda 6 days
He no love child long time?

Uncle Fester 6 days
But, PiZzAGaTe iSnT ReAl

Nick DuBois 6 days
Didn’t know that was illegal in China
DivineDawn 6 days
do wonder how you tell as people of the Asian persuasion all look like little kids Untill th ey hit 40+ and even then on occasion
Wig Idacious 6 days
14 is the legal age. They raise that in some places.

Screw The Jew 6 days
Something tells me he didn't actually do it knowing China, it begs the question, what did he think of Xi Jing Ping?

Alexandra C 6 days
All the pedos getting caught

Binx1 6 days
wow! this seemingly wealthy individual. his business associate's, they shut him out, and took his holdings. this just leaves me with a few questions. the US. would think this mother, just wants money. hopefully more to come pertaining to this story.

Alex Stovall 6 days
Why the fuck was her daughter at a hotel with him in the first place
Carisa D 5 days
I mean... I kinda want to know that too.
Carisa D 5 days
And are we talking about her 17 year old daughter or 8??

ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 6 days
I honestly think this is either a Manufactured crime or simply one China chose not to suppress. Because I couldn’t see China let one of their social elites/connected corporate mucky mucks reputation get smeared. This guy must of pissed of the Chinese Government, wonder what he did...

Rick L 5 days
Who knows if this is true or he is just a political enemy, China legal system has zero credibility.

Zoran 6 days
Wonder if he knows Bill Clinton too?

James Brown 6 days
I don't think that's what they meant by eating pussy cats...

Mitchell 6 days
So unrelated-ish but since we're on the topic of underage sex, does anyone know what happens if a minor rapes an adult?
MeisterBear 6 days
The minor would be charged with sexual assault and depending on age be tried as minor or adult.
Denis Skyler 5 days
Legally it'd be considered an underage crime, and therefore subject to juvenile detention or correction (though the US has detained kids until they reach 18 to try them as adults). The kid could also rub salt in the wound by claiming they were the one being molested or raped.

RaxMEMES 6 days
How do you even get rich if you have a child fetish? Like wouldn't it just come up at some point in conversation.
Bart De Bock 5 days
considering its illegal, no it would not lol. if you used coke all the time, but its illegal, would you tell the world?
Sir Spam 5 days
If you need to control someone such a weakness is great leverage. Billionaire or whatever you need a useful idiot to do your dirty work. His wealth is chump change to the powers that use him and his like to do the deeds. In the end they can hang him out to dry and pat themselves on the back and look like the heros to the common chumps who don't understand the sick game we live in.

Tora 5 days
Eat the rich lol