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TC_volenter 5 months
Blame shift blame shift. Tax steal tax steal

david dindu 5 months
a federal judge is gonna block this fencing thing im sure of it

Booble Plus 5 months
Sounds to me like we gotta start helping those homeless get to a safe warm bed in LA. What do you think?

Michael Tatom 5 months
What a waste of time. Everyone knows that a fence won’t work. You must take them in and give them free medical.

Young Kekistani(Not Cenk) 5 months
Take a look at the mayoral and City Council salaries and pensions that they make and you'll see why there's a homeless problem in LA and San Francisco. That's a problem that's not going to be solved anytime soon either.

CoLpOeSnED 5 months
yeah just shoo them away. Surely the problem will fix itself eventually
Turn N Burn 5 months

Based Haole 5 months
oh you guys can have border fences but the country can't....imagine being such a dirty fucking hypocrite just imagine

Andrew 1010 5 months
How do you like that open border idea now Los Angeles?

Sir_Kutz 5 months
I read that as “we aren’t going to do our job, so yeah”. Seriously arrest people for outstanding warrants instead of letting them shit on other people’s property.

Paul C 5 months
Failure to enforce so-called quality of life laws was cited as a main contributor to the homeless problem in the documentary "Seattle is Dying." Seems like Chief Moore does not agree with that assertion.

Barny Fraggles 5 months
I thought 'love had no border'?

Larry 5 months
The far left on the left coast get to use fences and walls to protect them. But...the rest of us aren't supposed to allow a border wall to protect the nation from illegal, and potentially terrorists, entry? Build the wall then you can have your fence!

T.N. Morgan 5 months
No no no. You people don't get to put up borders. Fuck that. Wallow in your fuck ups, libtards.