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Voice of Reason 3 months
It's pretty stupid to try committing an act of piracy on a British vessel while literally under the guns of a British naval vessel. What're you gonna do when they sink your rowboats, Iran, cry?
Idiot Prole 3 months
Those rowboats are actually quite a good idea. Have you ever seen a big poofter's big grey war canoe against a small, fast target? They're not very good. Those boats are really well armed and fast. For long engagements they're terrible but for short term harassment or even disabling a large ship they should not be underestimated. Reports I've seen is that they are armed with torpedoes, mines, drones, possibly also anti ship missiles and also have an MG. I expect that report also thinks they're a fucking tardis but it's quite possible they are capable of being armed with the above, if not capable of carrying all that firepower at once.
Fuchs 3 months
these navy ships are equipped with stabilized high caliber autocannons with an automatically leading fire control system. you are not escaping that with a boat.
Idiot Prole 3 months
Fuchs, that's an old frigate due for replacement in the very near future. The big gun on the front, yes but the smaller ones that you'd use against a fast target are allll manual, baby. And if you've any sense you stay out of the way of the big gun by using superior speed and wiggling around a lot.There is a phalanx on there but you get in close enough with multiple boats so they can't target you all and that's useless. Swarm tactics against that ship with the right weapons could work, depending on how many boats you have and their speed. It simply was not designed for this kind of engagement, although given the threat of go fasts the crew will have trained for it.

SimonR 3 months
The royal navy disagrees. Fuck Iran.
mcpimpen 3 months
The "royal " navy can fuck off
SimonR 3 months
except it was the irg who ran away lolololololol
Idiot Prole 3 months
IRG "prepare to be boarded infidel!" RN "off you fuck, and when you're done fucking off over there, keep fucking off until you end up back here and then kindly resume fucking off some more." IRG "row row row yer boat, fucking off at sea...." RN "anyone for rum and anal?" *hides*

Dave 3 months
Iranian patrol boat: "Hey! British ship! You are under arrest!" Royal Navy Warship: "The fuck you say?" Iranian patrol boat bugs out Royal Navy Warship: "Yeah. That's what I thought."

Matthew Rowley 3 months
Its 3 guys and a rubber ducky in row boats. Can we just sink them and move on please?
Idiot Prole 3 months
Or just pop over to the little boats whilst the MG rounds bounce off the sides, drop down some ropes with cutlasses and sort them out old school. Only problem is that it makes an awful mess and you have to clean the blood and bad choices off the side of your ship afterwards.

RJOHN 3 months
The powder keg grows increasingly unstable.
Oliver Biscuit 3 months
Which is fine. Iran's Navy is a farce. Their air force is mediocre at best. An army can't do shit on water so therefore mostly irrelevant.
Voice of Reason 3 months
All Iran has to do is stop but they aren't a rational actor. I'm not worried about them attacking a US or UK naval ship but they could definitely attack and sink one or more tankers or freighters which would have the potential to close the Strait for months and lead to an actual war with Iran.
RJOHN 3 months
Don't misunderstand me, it's not that I think Iran is a big threat to anyone outside the region but even as an old soldier who has seen his fair share of combat and tense situations I find another war or conflict disheartening.

murray hankey 3 months
Britain already seized an Iranian oil tanker! F all you dim witted uninformed idiots commenting. I’m with Iran! F the US military!

Wig Idacious 3 months
The Jewish puppet of the United Kingdom detained an Iranian oil tanker to provoke an incident. Israel is the aggressor here.
Beisht Kione 3 months
The ship was going to Syria, so maybe you should just shutup with your conspiracies.
Fuchs 3 months
Thats some low quality bait right here
(Un)Fortunate Son 3 months
Wig I’m telling you it’s them Amish bois... stop it with your Jewish conspiracy nonsense. Everyone knows that the Amish are responsible for everything nowadays... that’s why they cover what they’re doing with barns and churches... they use horse drawn carriages to move silently on the night.