Britain alleges Iran’s Revolutionary Guards attempted to block oil tanker

Britain alleges Iran’s Revolutionary Guards attempted to block oil tanker

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards rejected a US claim that they tried to stop a British tanker in the Gulf a day earlier. As per reports, five boats belonging to the Guards approached a British oil tanker and asked it to stop in Iranian waters close by. The boats, however, withdrew after a British warship warned them. The Guards said their patrol boats were carrying out normal duties.

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 7 months

It's pretty stupid to try committing an act of piracy on a British vessel while literally under the guns of a British naval vessel. What're you gonna do when they sink your rowboats, Iran, cry?

IIZard 7 months

The royal navy disagrees. Fuck Iran.

Dave 7 months

Iranian patrol boat: "Hey! British ship! You are under arrest!" Royal Navy Warship: "The fuck you say?" Iranian patrol boat bugs out Royal Navy Warship: "Yeah. That's what I thought."

Donald Darko
Donald Darko 7 months

The powder keg grows increasingly unstable.

Matthew Rowley
Matthew Rowley 7 months

Its 3 guys and a rubber ducky in row boats. Can we just sink them and move on please?

Wig Idacious
Wig Idacious 7 months

The Jewish puppet of the United Kingdom detained an Iranian oil tanker to provoke an incident. Israel is the aggressor here.

murray hankey
murray hankey 7 months

Britain already seized an Iranian oil tanker! F all you dim witted uninformed idiots commenting. I’m with Iran! F the US military!

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